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1st time to utah

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HI all ive been boarding for about 4 years ( i come here because posters here seem to know alot more stuff ). Anyhow as a nj resident ive never tried real powder just the reg mt creek and vt ice and occsional 1 -2 in. while im on the mt.... very frustating because school closes in nj at 1st snowflake LOL and guess where the kids go????????

anyhow ive managed to save enuff to book a flight to utah, ill b there bet jann 8 - 14 staying @ park city .

Is the a good time to go? i dont care if its cold, i really want to try deep powder..

How are the lifts in PC ?? i see there are no gondolas..

Unfortunely the rest of the month looks very dry for utah can this + the fact that tons of people will be there cause alot of ice?

any form of public trans that may take me to snowbird???

anything else i should know? any sugg?? feel free thanks in advance
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if you are lucky you will get a power day while here in Utah. Keep in mind at most resorts it will be tracked out by 1pm. Still The snow will be soft and we never get ice like the east coast even if it has not snowed in weeks. PCMR can be a hard mountain to get around. It is made up of several ridge lines and Jupiter peak. A lot of people seem to get stuck in one area of the mountain and miss some of the best stuff. Study the trail map, There are also mountain host that will be happy to direct you around the mountain. since you board, the Terrain Parks are some of the best in the country. You may also want to go over to the Canyons for a day or two. again it is hard to navigate. To get to Snowbird Lewis Brothers runs a shuttle over to the Little Cottonwood Canyon it will cost about $70 that includes a lift ticket.
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