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Trip Report Forum?

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Hey folks! Forgive me if this has been suggested or tried before, but I was wondering about the possibilty of a specific forum just for trip reports. It would be a great way to learn in depth information about several resorts in one central location. Perhaps a standardized format of sorts to try to ensure most of the same areas are covered in each report. Things like:

Food on mountain
Food off mountain
Customer Service
Must Do
Must Avoid

I know that the Resort Info part of EpicSki offers a wealth of information, but this would give a better insight to the individual experience at each resort.

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i think this is a great idea. i never would have skied over to the blues on peak 7 if i would have know ahead of time that they are overrated.
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Originally Posted by dburdenbates
.... Forgive me if this has been suggested or tried before, but I was wondering about the possibilty of a specific forum just for trip reports....
Uh....isn't that kinda what this form is all about? You know, Resorts, Conditions & Travel?
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Uh....isn't that kinda what this form is all about? You know, Resorts, Conditions & Travel
It is, but it isn't in any real format. The information is just kinda all over the place. I'm visualizing an area where folks post their personal experience in a standardized format. Ideally a link would be set up for each resort. I've seen other msg boards attempt to do this, but they don't seem to get the traffic that EpicSki does. Something like this:

Resort: Loveland

Getting there: Located about 50 miles outside of Denver, CO. It is very easy to fly into Denver and drive the short distance west on I-70. We were lucky to have good road conditions and missed the traffic that I have heard horror stories about. Loveland is right off the interstate.

Trip Dates: Nov. 19 - Nov. 25, 2005

Accomodations: No on mountain lodging available as far as we could tell. We stayed in Frisco, CO 12 miles or so from Loveland. The Hotel Frisco also manages a handful of condos. Ours was located at 401 Main St. It was a 2 bedroom, full kitchen, with washer and dryer in the unit. It was located on the second floor with a great bagel shop right downstairs. We shared an outdoor hot tub with the other 2 or 3 units, but never saw any other tenants, so we basically had it to ourselves. Price was incredibly reasonable, since it was early season. $700 for a week and we could have easily brought our 2 kids and had plenty of room. The website for the accomodations can be found at www.friscomountainrentals.com.

Base Area: Loveland has a base lodge, building for rentals and ski school, and a retail shop for any essentials you might have forgotten. There are lockers in the lodge/cafeteria and for $4 you can access it as many times as you like. The base lodge has a cafeteria and cocktails are served, but there is really no appre ski to speak of. Nearby Frisco is a great little mountain town with a nice micro-brewery (Backcountry Brewery) on Main St. that we frequented.

On Mountain Food
: The base lodge's cafeteria is the only place to purchase food on mountain as far as I could tell. The made to order sandwiches and personal pizzas were tasty and reasonably priced. They seemed to have a good selection of beer. The cafeteria was pretty crowded for lunch, even as early as 11:00, though it could have just been the size making it look busier. Many people skip the lockers and just leave their shoes and any other gear on the tables in the cafeteria. We just had to take a spot that appeared occupied and be ready to move if the owners showed up (they didn't). Make sure you follow the rules when placing your order, though. The guy that made our order was a bit of a sandwich nazi.

Off Mountain Food: You need to leave the ski area to get food other than from the cafeteria. In Frisco, there are several restaurants that we really enjoyed. The Boatyard was our favorite with Silverheels at the Ore House and Toscato offering some great food as well. All are located right on Main St. I don't remember the name of the bagel place that we frequented, but it's located on 4th and Main and has some darn good bagels and other goodies.

Lift Tickets: We were there early season so our one day adult tix were $38 at the window.

Terrain: This is a smaller area in terms of acreage than many of the nearby resorts. Many people consider it a local's mountain. Not a lot of groomed runs, but a good variety of trails for all. We are blue, double blue, and groomed black skiers and were able to find plenty to keep us busy even without 100% of the mountain open. We were pretty happy in the terrain off Lift 1 especially since this lift isn't as long.

Lifts: This is the one problem with Loveland IMO. Don't get me wrong, there were no lines to speak of, but we wasted a lot of time riding the lifts. They are long and VERY slow.

Conclusion: A fun little resort with enough to keep most skiers busy for a few days. Easy to get to and very reasonably priced. No frills and no pampering. This place is not trying to be Deer Valley. The next time we are in the area, we'll spend at least a day at Loveland again.
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I disagree. That looks like Ski Magazine. Go buy a subscription. I think a trip report is sharing the events of the day. I enjoy sharing the excitement of who you skied with, what the mountain was like, caught some air, did a new trick, took a lesson, some pictures, went out to eat, got drunk at the bar.

Trip reports get mixed in with general questions from people wanting to visit an area, and stuff like this thread. (In fact this thread belongs in Community Announcements and Site Admin). I could see making a new area for trip reports to separate them from general inquiries. I am against a structure for the report. At this point, there are so few trip reports submitted, a new forum would go almost unused. I would like to see more bears share their days out on the slopes. BTW, some of the best trip reports are submitted under the Telemark, AT and BC skiing forum. Check out LeeLau's contributions
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