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Junior GS suits

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This will be my 10 yo's 3rd season racing- he's in the weekend program with the ski academy. He will race as a J5 again this year. He is showing a new level of enthusiasm and clearly enjoying himself so I thought a GS suit would be a great gift for XMAS.

I'm curious what others experiences have been. I've heard that the kids sometimes have difficulty at first adjusting to the feel. His first race of the season is December 27 and he would only have a day or 2 to try it out before that.
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not to worry!

Don't worry about the feel. In Maine he won't be able to feel a thing.

My kid never complained about the feel ... but just don't buy it too small.

There are things to concentrate on however for a kid racing the first (and later too) seasons.

It's freakin cold in a speed suit so make sure they have a good base layer, spend the few extra dollars.

Mittens (Reusch or AuClaire) in the race "motif" are cool and they are way warmer than gloves. On real cold days the light glove liner is a good bet.

Good full zips .... that are warm and that work .... big tooth versus tiny teeth.

Hand warmers.

My J-2 is up in Maine ....
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Thanks. He's got good base layer and the size suit is room enough to fit underneath. I definitely second the mittens and hand warmers- although so far we've been fortunate that he never (even when its below 0, windy) complains about the cold.
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