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Bootfitter in Breck?

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I am in need of new ski boots this season. I live in Knoxville, TN and have not had much luck purchasing boots in the area. I will be in Breckinridge in January and thought I may try my luck there. I wear a 24.0 boot but have a very narrow heel. I hate the boots I have now because my heel slides around and wears me out on the slopes. In order for my heel not to slide (back and forth AND up and down), I have to tighten the boot so much I cut off cirulcation.

So, I think I need a GOOD bootfitter, some custom insoles, etc. (I currently do not have anything custom.) Any suggestions? I will be flying into Denver in the a.m. and won't be skiing until the following day. Thought I would take the arrival day to locate some boots . . .

We are staying in Breck but will be skiing at several different places in addition to Breckinridge (A-basin, Loveland and Keystone, probably), so anywhere within a reasonable driving distance will be OK.

Any suggestions as to a boot for a gal with a narrow heel and a good bootfitter in the Denver/Breck area would be greatly appreciated!
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I got my boots fitted by Jeff Bergeron at Boot Fixation (a poster here), who works out of Norway Haus (Main Street, Breck). He did an absolutely superb job! Highly recommended. His first post in this thread contains his contact info.
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Don't even think of going to anyone but Jeff if you're up in Breck. I have obnoxious feet - one visit with him produced the best fitting boots I've ever owned (this after other fitters have had multiple visits to try and get their fits "right"). But call and schedule early - he's good, he books up fast, and he only works by appointment. (He's also pretty expensive, but worth every single penny and then some.)

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THANKS!! I called and left Jeff a message on his business phone. Hopefully he will return the call and I can set up an appointment for one of the days I am out there.
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Jeff Bergeron

My wife and I have both worked with Jeff in the past. Jeff did some amazing work to get my wife into the right boot and then make it comfortable for her. He helped me get into new boots this year. I'd give you an update on how the new boots are working out, but I haven't been up yet.

In my opinion Jeff is a great guy that does really good work.

Call him now and set up an appt. he's very busy. As someone else mentioned he's currently working out of Norway Haus on Main St in Breck.

Enjoy your trip to Colorado, good luck with the boots.
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I've had good experience with the Breck Surefoot store as well.
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Snowskier421, if Jeff hasn't yet called you back, you may want to try again - I talked to him yesterday and he had 20+ messages that he was trying to get back to people on, which we all know isn't easy to keep up with and sometimes people get missed.

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See Jeff before you buy boots-- I wish I had. He was very helpful and thorough but unfortunately the boots I bought are all wrong for me. They are narrow enough but have other problems. He was very helpful about suggesting others.
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Originally Posted by NE1
I've had good experience with the Breck Surefoot store as well.
Mixed success there. It really depends on who you get. But, at least they have a lifetime guarantee...

I had Jeff do mine, and I think he does a great job. Everyone I know in Summit who has work done there has him do it.
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