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Anyone use a camel back?

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Seems to happen to me alot, I get in acouple runs and all of a sudden i get really thirsty, I dont want to have to walk back to the car everytime i want a drink and its just too bulky to carry a bottle in my pocket.

Does anyone here use a camel back and do you even notice having the extra weight on your back?
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there are a bunch of threads on this that will have more detailed info and different opinions. FWIW, my two cents is: Yes, i use the camelback snobowl all the time. It has an insulated hose and mouthpiece. It really helps prevent dehydration and keeps my energy up. I rarely have problems with it freezing, but on bitter cold days, I just have to remember to blow back into the hose to clear it after every use. Its weight does not affect skiiing from what I can discern.
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I use one for out west where the air is dryer and the higher elivation. But east, it just makes me have to go to the bathroom more.
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Whats the odds of one breaking on a pretty hard tumble half way down the hill?
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I use my mountainbike camelbak bladder in my daysack for skiing. Unless you have something really sharp in the backpack, you won't burst it.

Trust me, I fall off the bike loads.:
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I have the Snowblast and it is great for toting around water and whatever extra gear you have that you can't or don't want to put in the pockets of your jacket, pants, etc. I don't care where I ski, I simply love having the convenience of water or a drink mix when I want it. To avoid freezing up in the tube, you definitely need to go with the blow-back method. I was skiing at Snowshoe on Friday and it was lower to mid teens with very strong winds. The tube froze when I didn't blow the water back to the bladder. Eventually I decided to wear the pack under my jacket. Sure, I had some Quasimodo look going but the tube didn't freeze up. Some packs are lower profile and are barely noticeable under the jacket but the bladders are smaller volume. The Snowblast has a lot of great features. I carry my id, cash, keys, extra hat, sunglasses, extra gloves, and many times a lot of my wife's stuff and it never bothered me a bit. I'm almost always sucking the thing dry by the end of the day and I try to fill up to the full 100 ozs.
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Was at Snowshoe on Friday as well, and my Camelbak froze. 9 degrees and 25-35mph winds will do that. I'm a big fan. Also, if you research serious mountaineering, you'll find that drinking water helps keep you warmer as well.
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Yep, I use one. Nope, I don't notice the weight. They taught me in outward bound that if you don't always feel just a little bit like you have to go pee-pee when you're in the mountains that you're dehydrated. Yep, I have to go pee more when I'm skiing and Camelbacking but I find I have much more energy at the end of the day because I'm not dehydrated!!!
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Originally Posted by Bull$hizzle
Whats the odds of one breaking on a pretty hard tumble half way down the hill?
Well, I can answer that one. I took a major full on yard sale a few weeks ago. My CamelBak was the only thing still attached to my body after I came to a stop. However, the Clif Bar in the zip pocket was totaled in the crash. I don't notice any issues with weight. I've been skiing with my Camelbak for 3 years and it's great for those warm spring skiing days.
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Don't know how I skied without one. Under the jacket in below feezing conditions. I never blow back, I think that's how my first one got funky. I don't let any air in my camelback especially my breath, I purge all air bubbles when I fill it up with filtered water and I never get any algae growing in it.
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1. You do actually stay warmer when you're hydrated.
2. You do actually have more energy at the end of the day.
3. You don't notice the extra weight - unless you're doing mad arials.
4. If you're good enough to do mad arials, you're good enough to compensate for the extra weight .
5. Under the jacket on cold days has always worked better for me than trying to remember to blow the tube out.
6. I'd never ski without one.

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I use a camelback resevoir inside of an Arc'Teryx 'Quiver' pack (http://www.arcteryx.com/product.aspx?prod=1352). It's all perfectly light, not noticable while skiing. The pack flips around to your front side when you get on the lift or when you need to pull something out of the pockets. It's big enough for the camel back, snax, sunglasses, hat, glove liners, a not-to-bulky extra layer, and (when I ski alone) a book to read over lunch

That pack did, however, help me break a couple of ribs last year. I took what was probably my highest speed wipe out ever; caught an edge somewhere in the ensuing tumble and slamed onto my chest - right on the buckle of the pack. And guess where my ribs cracked? Ouch.

A camel back by itself is definitely not noticable while skiing.

Camel backs are pretty damn tough. If you break one in a fall, getting wet will be the LEAST of your problems.

Depending on how close you keep the water to your body heat, you may also want to get the insulation for the tube and the cover for the mouthpiece. Helps keep the water in the tube from freezing.
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Thanks for all the input guy's, i ended up buying one of these badboys from work http://www.cambriabike.com/shopexd.asp?id=13027
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I love my hydration pack, though it's not a camelbak. Never notice the weight, and it's wonderful having a nice sip of water whenever I need one.

I'm using the BCA stash pack (the smaller one) - very low profile, no extraneous crap hanging off the back (great for chair rides) and the tube from the bladder is stashed away in one of the should straps so it stays nice and warm - never had it freeze up. Not a ton of room for extra stuff, but plenty for what i normally carry w/ me.

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A moment of silence for Clif...
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