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Level 8 looking to improve form..

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hey im a level 8 skiier, and a beginner to the forums

while i can do black diamonds and double blacks, i kind of have my own bootleg form, being that im an ice hockey player so im edges on ice have kinda inflitrated my skiing, ive about 18 now and ive been skiing since my dad fit me between his legs, and im looking for any good books or sites you can refer so i can diagnose myself etc.. i should have a video up in at about a week if you think that could help me?

just looking to bet better cause im the only skiier in a group of boarders, gotta rep
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i'd do one of three things;

1. return to tgr and ask
2. move to indiana and find a local guru
3. stop in dumont and buy the video
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1. Go to a good mountain.
2. Walk up to ski school desk.
3. Buy a lesson.
4. Go to lesson.
5. Learn!
6. Repeat as needed and as you discover how much you don't know.
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I swear this exact same question is posted a thousand times a season...

"I can do the blacks..."
"My skiing is expert on the groomed, but I go to hell in bumps and steeps..."
"I am an ex-racer lvl 9 that hasn't skied in 10 years and am getting back into skiing..."

The answer to these questions can be found in at least one, if not all of these sources:

1. Lessons with a certified professional ski instructor.
2. Search the Epic Ski instructional forums.
3. Read one of the following books... "Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier", "Ski the Whole Mountain", "Breakthrough on the New Skis", The soon to be published "Brilliant Skiing, Every Day", and I'm sure some more I can't think of or don't own.
4. Visit some of these website... www.psia.org, www.harbskisystems.com, www.realskiers.com, www.tetongravity.com

Spend a rediculous amount of time doing all of those above in addition to skiing your brains out and you will have a rock-solid form in no time. Welcome to EpicSki!
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i was hoping for more books or videos because im a college student with an extra cash just going for a lift ticket... thanks for the suggestions thougth some of the attitude was kinda lame.
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Forum use

Interestingly, you can learn a tremendous amount here on the forum. Pick a subject and in all probability it has been discussed in detail. I'm fairly new to the sport and know little, so I spend a lot of time reading and visualizing.

Since you play hockey, you obviously know how to be coached. I would recommend group lessons if you can. The instructors will pinpoint areas that you need to work on. Then you go and ski and ski and ski.

Hey, and welcome to Epicski.
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Of the various books out there, I found "The All-Mountain Skier: The Way to Expert Skiing," by Mark Elling, to be the most helpful.

Search "Elling" here on epicski for other comments on this book and others. What I like about it is it's not just a "how to" but a breakdown of different concepts (and explanation of jargon) used on this board and by ski instructors. Starts with fundamentals and gives basic but useful and clear illustrations; provides drills for your own use on the hill; good explanations of equipment issues.
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Sorry for the attitude Vinfamous, you probably don't deserve that.

Btw... go to www.edgechange.com right now and download the E-book for free.

There is enough information contained in that book to keep you occupied for a long long time.
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See if you can find a library that has Primary Movements Teaching Systemâ„¢ Instructor Manual, ISBN 0-9661282-3-0, in their collection or can get it through an interlibrary loan. This is the one book that has helped me the most. It covers sking from first day to expert. Or, buy it for $30 from http://www.harbskisystems.com/detpmts.htm

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hey im a level 8 skiier, and a beginner to the forums
A true level 8 skier has form, control, tactics in place, and has good funtimental skills in place to ski blacks and d blacks. At this level, you would be refining your skills to become a level 9, which is all mountain, all terrain, any time, any where skier.
My advice is: go to a larger mountain in your area and start off by taking a group lesson (which may seem a little too easy) and learn as much from the instructor as you can. From there, ask around within the ranks of the ski school what instructor would be the best match for you to take a private lesson from. Make an advanced booking for that instructor for the next time you plan to ski. Practice what the group lesson was about and bring what you learned to the private lesson.

When in doubt, request a PSIA (professional ski instructor of america) level 3 instructor.

The money should be will worth it.

Good luck.

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