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2003-2005 Model skis: All Mountain

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I'm 5'10, 145lbs, and have recently decided to get back into skiing. I plan to hit the slopes fairly often this year, as I was unable to do last year as our mountain was closed. I started skiing 7 or 8 years ago, and skied pretty consistantly for 3-4 years. Then I gave snowboarding a try, for a few years, and I am now back to skiing, which I have determined I prefer.

I've always rented skis in the past, without much thought. Most rentals around here are pretty bad, so I'd like to pick up a pair of skis and boots of my own. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to demo anything, so I pretty much have to buy skis sight unseen. My best estimate based on the shaped skis I've skied in the past is that I should ski on something around 165cm in length. I remember trying 180s and them being too long, and preferring something around 170. I realise that length opten varies depending on the ski, but as I have no chance to demo skis, I'll have to stick with 165-170 in length.

I'm looking for a good all-mountain ski on a budget. I need to pick up skis, boots, and bindings for under $700. I do have a local ski shop where I can try on boots, but they are rather expensive. As far as skis, I'd like to try and pick up a new pair of skis on ebay that is from the 03-05 model lineup as they seem to sell for much cheaper than the newest models.

I don't really favor any particular terain, so I need a good all-rounder. I really don't know much about skis, so I need some equipment recommendations. I would consider myself a slightly advanced intermediate skier who is still improving.

I would appreciate any advice you could offer.
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As far as my feet, as I am looking for boot recommendations as well, I have a fairly wide foot with a high arch.

Also, I've noticed that I may have mistakenly placed this topic in the wrong forum. If a moderator could move it for me I'd appreciate it.

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Welcome to EPIC.

I would point you towards 04/05 Volkl EXP's. I know of a shop in VT that has one pair in 177cm new with binding for $495.

For boots "find a good boot fitter in your area or where you ski the most" You didn't say where you live so its hard to recommend someone.

Don't go into the shop thinking you want boot "X" the fitter should look at your feet and talk to you before they recommend a boot for your foot.
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There's such an incredible range of skis in this segment that it's impossible to make a recommendation w/out having you narrow it down a bit. Checkout realskiers.com for a rundown of what's available in that category over that time period. What does all-mountain mean to you? It could be 80% groomers with a little tree/bump skiing here or there or lots of powder days. Everyone has a different definition. Tell us where you usually ski. For starters, checkout the Atomic Metron series, Fischer RX or AC series, Nordica Hot Rods, etc., etc.

Boots - the best pair of boots are the ones that fit. Find someone competent and purchase solely on fit. Ignore all reviews as your feet are different than everyone elses.
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Unfortunately, you missed today's Steep and Cheap -- K2 Apache Blackhawk Alpine Ski with Marker IBC 10.0 Binding for $238.75. I'd keep checking their site for a good deal.
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I am selling my '04 Volkl 724 Pros w/ Marker Piston 1200 bindings in 163cm for $349.
The bases are in perfect shape and tops are in good shape also. They're just a little much for me at my height and weight.

Care to offer them a good home?
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I have a pair of last years 170cm Volant Platinums w/ Salomon S900's for 200.00 + shipping. The skis have about 12 days on them and are in great condition.
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I did see those K2s on steepandcheap, and almost pulled the trigger. The catch was that I fouldn't find out anything about them. Not listed on K2's site, no reviews anywhere....nothing.

I'm plannin on subscribing to realskiers.com - seems like it would be worth $20.

Thanks for the info on your skis for sale...I will have to look into those models and see if they might work for me.

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Check out www.evogear.com or try the classified ads at any of the larger ski club websites, there are sometimes outstanding deals on race/carve type skis
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I went into my local ski shop yesterday to try on some boots. They didn't really have what I was looking for, but I did get a pretty good feel for what brand and size to go for. The guy I worked with was very helpful...he had me try on some 27.5 Salomon Performa 7.5s ad $300. Took out the liner, had me move my foot forward and checked behind the heel - the 27.5s got the OK. When I tried them on with the liners in, they felt very good but my front toe was slightly painfully pressed against the front of the boot. When bending my knees forward, it was still touching. I tried on some 28.0's and this problem was eliminated. The boots still felt very comfy, if somewhat loose in the heel.

A few hours ago I ordered a pair of 2005 X Wave 9 28.0 size. Locally they only had the 7.5's, the next step up being around $500. I spend about $350 for the X Wave 9's brand new. I'm hoping the size is right, all indications point to it being a good fit. I plan on taking them into the ski shop once I get them to have them fit the liners. The only concern I have is that I was wearing a pretty thick sock when I tried on boots in the store, but it sounds like the X Wave 9's will have a thinner liner than the Performas, so that could make up for it. I wish I didn't have to do so much guesswork, but I hardly have any options locally.

As far as skis, I am leaning toward Head Monster I.M. 75s (2005 model) in 170cm. I would love to get the 06 72's, but can't really afford it.

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Being 5'10" 145lb, and not overly aggressive but not "passive" either, would I be better of with the 170 or 163 in the Monster 75?
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Bargains galore!

If you want another go at those blackhawks:

http://cgi.ebay.com/K2-Apache-Blackhawk-Alpine-Ski-with-Marker-IBC-10-0-Bin_W0QQitemZ8737824184QQcategoryZ21244QQrdZ1QQcmd ZViewItem

Also seen on Ebay, good prices on Atomic Metron:9, Volant Machete Sin (165) and Fischer Big Stix 7.6

All of these are from previous model years but excellent products. Happy bargain hunting.

In my experience local shops have new old stock lying around for clearance, if you don't see any, ask them.

Finally, in general there is really no advantage in this years gear over last years; I would say the technology cycle is about four years. So a 2002 ski should be more or less equal to a current ski. My new ski's for this season are both from 2002, no problems there.
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How about the Volkl 7 24 EXP?

geardirect has them for $300 w/o bindings...
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Starting to consider the Head Monster I.M 72's...Anyone know of somewhere with a good price?
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If you are still interested in the balckhawks, ebay store by the name of proskiguy has them with bindings at a decent price - I've dealt with him before.

BTW, the balckhawks are Apache X's with a different graphic - K2 does this alternate naming/graphic thing a lot. In most cases, the skis are the same as one in their "regular" line, sometimes there are minor differences.

If you see a ski with a name that you can't ID on their website, call K2 customer service; they'll tell you what it ski it is/resembles.
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"I would consider myself a slightly advanced intermediate skier who is still improving."

Me too. Like you, I've also had a few years off; and almost like you, I'm 5'11", 160#.

Can't address the models you're looking at, but as for length: I recently went skiing (1st time in 5 years) on a Volkl AC2 @ 170cm - had no probs whatsoever, very easy to handle. Planning to demo (or maybe just buy) some 177's. If I were you, I wouldn't do 163 (again, without regard to a particular model).
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