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So, I'm really bad about taking pictures, which means that I don't have a picture when I would really like one. My girlfriend is quite good at understating her accomplishments/abilities - especially to her parents. Now, the thing is, her dad would be quite proud to know what she's been skiing lately (the last time he skied Colorado was in the 70's & never at A-Basin), and, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The only problem is that I forgot the camera last weekend when I intended to get a good shot of exactly how gnarly of a run Pali is . And, my google image search only turned up either very low res images, or the shots from last season's avalanche report (which, while it might impress the dad, would also freak out the mom, who is still thrilled with me re: skiing, for getting her daughter into a helmet ) So, my question: do any bears have a good shot of Pali that I could share with my likely future father-in-law?

Thanks in advance!