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Don't want to start another thread on Cupolo, but...

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Hey I'm new to this forum. Well I've been lurking around for quite sometime but I just had to ask.

Has anyone bought from Cupolo since this October when the bankruptcy rumor was going around? And how was your experience? The reason being, I want to buy Dynastar Legend 4800 in 158 and they have a ridiculous deal for $299.00 with bindings.

I saw this link http://www.centuryservices.com/sales...polo/index.htm
and it seems to indicate that the Cupolo Sports in the Niagara Falls area did in fact go bankrupt. Is this true and if so, I guess I should hold off on buying those Dynastars, right? I'm a student so I can't afford to throw my money at an unreliable store.

I don't want to start another long discussion but if someone can help me out, that'll be great.

Thanx in advance.
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A company can file and still be in business.
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I live relatively close, made a call and bought a pair of Elan GX FUsion Pro's Sunday Dec 11, (yes, this year).

It was my first visit, from what I saw they are more of a general sporting goods store but mainly focused on skis (snow and water), boards (snow & wakes), some golf, hockey-hockey-hockey and some sportswear/shoes.

You are correct, their prices are ridiculously low. They are have densely packed floor space and they don't appear to be spending much on merchandising beyond that web-site.

Their web-site was off on the stated length of one of the models I was considering. Phone them and ask them to verify the length visually before you confirm your order and of course make sure the order states that measured length.

They are not a hardcore dedicated ski shop, but they were helpful, fast and determined to make a deal.


P.S. If anyone wants a pair of 183ish Volkl P60 Customs (a 2004/2005 P60 GS with a real wood veneer finish) they have them and they are gorgeous if you that floats your boat.
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Thanx everyone

Thanx to everyone who either posted or PM'ed me a reply. I think I'll take a chance but will call to make sure they have the ski in the right size in stock and obviously, i'll use a credit card. I guess worst case scenario, we can take a drive up to Niagara Falls and pick up the skis myself. I live in Boston so it's within driving distance.

Thanx everyone.
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I wasn't looking for them so I wasn't paying close attention, but I am pretty sure I saw the 4800's at a length that would have been about what the one and only length they are listing (158cm).
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