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Volkl, K2, or ??

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Love the forums, have been browsing for 2 days now after attempting to shop for new skis, and am more confused than ever but appreciate the advice :
I'm in the market for new skis, intermed-advanced (blue, black, dbl black), ski eastern US mostly on-piste. Hubby says I'm pretty aggressive and ski faster than him Anyway eastern conditions in the US usually means groomed, but I always look for edge crud and ski bumps, and try to go off trail on occasion.
5'3", 130 lbs. Skiid on straight skis for years, last year rented and horror of horrors found myself on Dynaster Supra XRL and liked them. Finding now they were beginner-int. skis I'm shocked. What I liked was the responsiveness.
Have talked to pros in the shops and looked at the K2 line and Volkl. I am resistent to the K2s (burnin' luv) due to the dampning - will this make the ski less responsive? Looked at lotta luv but thought the waist too wide for the eastern conditions. Looked at Volkl Attiva 5*, but now wonder if I'd be happy with 4* or S2? AC2 also seem to wide in the waist. Also I'd prefer a lighter weight.
Any advice, thoughts on ski choice and length appreciated. Thanks all.
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Fischer RX8
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Hi Deb,

You have a strong grip on things. this will be easy,

Tell us where you ski, do you like ice, snow, or hardpack? Long turns or short turns. Fast or slow skiing?

The skis you mentioned are all good, hard to go wrong with those choices.


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Will ski Sunday River, Killington and ?? this year. Already booked 2 trips.
Don't like ice but have to deal with it here. Like to ski fast, in the snow
short turns.
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Hi Deb,

The Volkl Attiva 5 star is a great choice. It provides a high level of performance without any unusual effort. The ski is good on all conditions including ice, bumps soft snow, you name it. Consider a 154cm for easy turns and bump skiing or a 160cm for faster speeds and improved soft snow performance.

The Head iXRC 800 in a 156cm is another good choice. This ski is more for hard snow than soft or deeper conditions. very easy to use, but has a speed limit.

The Fischer RX6 in a 160cm is another great ski. Versatile and eager to carve turns. If you enjoy the sensation of the perfect turn, this is your ski. Good up to moderatly fast speeds.

All of these skis provide great performance, however none are meant for racing speeds. If you are a hard core speed demon the Fischer RX 8 is a great choice in a 155cm.

Hope that helps!

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Volkl, K2, or ???

I posted a similar question on the Epic Ski "Consumer Gear Reviews" forum. I was looking for direction for my wife, asking for feedback from women who had skied the K2 T9 Burning Luv and the Volkl Attiva 5 Star. The post title is "Women's Ski ? : Volkl Attiva 5 Star vs. K2 T9 Burning Love Skichick70 provided an excellent comparison of both skis. My wife decided on the Volkl's and will ski them at Killington this weekend. I will post her impressions.

Meanwhile check out the post refernce above as it may help answer some of your questions. This url should take you to that post:


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