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Rogers Pass Conditions?

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I was hoping to fly up to Canada at Christmas for a trip that would include Kicking Horse, cat skiing in Revelstoke, and about 3 days backcountry at Rogers Pass, but it looks like the Pass does not have enough snow for decent skiing. Does anyone have some good info on the conditions at the Pass? We would probably just ski right from the lodge at the top of the Pass.
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I know some folks that just got back from cat skiing out of Revelstoke and said they really needed more snow. Not the exact same area, but close.
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ask on teletips mudfoot -there's rogers pass types out there,

The cat skiing operation goes off the top of mt mackenzie and is lower then the higher trails in RP. So ski_rick is kinda on the money but I won't give up hope yet till you hear about conditions up higher
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Not the best start to the season, but 2 weeks at Pass could easily mean another meter plus of snow. I wouldn't worry yet.
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