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whistler conditions?

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What are whistler conditions like? no snow in the recent past and none in the near future.

is it hard packed, icy? are there any areas better than others.

also do you still have to download on the lifts.
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I don't know the answer to your specific questions. However, I talked to a relative -- who is a Whistler local -- over the weekend -- and he said the conditions are mediocre so far and he is not planning to ski until they get some dumps up there. I hope they do, particularly after a poor 04-05 season.
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Coverage is good on whistler up-high but you want to stay high. That means Harmony/ Peak/Green

THey're still downloading
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Skied there this weekend. Conditions up high on Whistler are decent but not great. Blackcomb is a bit worse, with more "icy" spots.
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