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Whitetail Wednesday?

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My "Whitetail Sunday?" thread got fewer views than any thread in this forum. Just seeing if I can break my own record. I'll be there Wednesday. Let's meet!
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I will be at springs thursday, but whitetail is haul for me especially considering i have to pass up Hidden Valley, 7springs, and wisp to get there. Anyone want to meet at springs thursday.
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I'm sorry you two couldn't make it to 7 Springs Sunday. For pre Christmas skiing, it sure was sweet. Yak Yak glades had some nice soft snow despite the snowmaking blow in, which usually sets up crusty. Conditions were good all over the hill. We even found semi freshies on the skier's right on Wagner, it was snowing all day and the wind kept filling in.

Marcus got roped into a hiring clinic and I was dumb enough to hang with them for an hour or so but I tired of the level 1 skiing clinic and headed for the new Yodeler trail. Of course it's only has steep as Gunnar and Steps but it follows the natural contour so it's more interesting to ski and Turtleneck Glades have been cleaned all the way over to trail's edge so you can shoot into the trees for a few hundred feet.

I can't make it to Whitetail Wednesday but the both of you had better get your butts to the Springs on the 8th. I'm putting off surgery until after that weekend just to ski with the Bears.

Happy trails, until we meet again.
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Yak is fun, who put the sign there?
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I don't know. Maybe you should ask in the 7 Springs report thread in the resort forum.
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Hey, thanks for responding to my thread! Sure it doesn't make sense to drive from the Laurel highlands to Whitetail, and I can't ask my driver to drive extra 4 or 5 hours to 7Springs. Anyway he needs to be back in DC for a 3 oclock meeting, so we'll only ride until noon. I'm just going to snowboard tomorrow because I never got my bindings fixed and my friend is a snowboarder. I'll have my skis dialed in by Jan.8 and plan to rent a car for the weekend. See you guys then.
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When Whitetail opened I drove by 7S many times just to ski something new. My inlaws used to live off the Boyds exit off of 270. I'd like to get back to Whitetail but the inlaws moved out to Calvert County so, no free place to stay. Have fun tomrrrow.
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I cant make it this wednesday, but if your up for skiing whitetail this weekend let me know.
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Originally Posted by skerrane
I cant make it this wednesday, but if your up for skiing whitetail this weekend let me know.
I probably can't. I don't have a car. It was nice today. I hope they don't get rain tomorrow. Probably it will be all snow up there. The expert trails weren't open yet but they are opening tomorrow morning. They have been blowing snow on those runs for many days, but there were no customers, maybe twenty on the Express quad at any given time, so they elected not to prep and staff the K lift and runs today.
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