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Best beer selection in Vail?

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I haven't been to Vail in a few years and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some of the pubs/bars/restaurants that have the best selection of local and/or craft brewed/good import beers. I'm somewhat of a beer nut and I'm familiar with the Kaltenberg, but wanted to see what else is available.

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Sadly the Kaltenberg is no more- I would suggest the Tap Room in the Village, Larkspur at Golden Peak and the new Ski+Bar. Down valley there is the Fore Range Brewery in Edwards, Frites and Rays.
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Oops I meant GORE Range Brewery
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Oh really? Thats too bad. Good brews to be had there. What happened to it? It seemed to be packed when I was there a few years ago. Victim of Lionshead redevelopment?
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yes- the old gondola building is gone (thank god) all the Kaltenberg fixtures I have heard are in storage in Eagle. Hopefully it will come back.
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