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Crested Butte Conditions Report

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Durango Mt. Resort (Purgatory) opened this weekend with only one run top to bottom, so my wife and I decided to flee to better skiing. Hit the Butte Saturday and Sunday, our first area turns of the year. One day tele and one on the alpine boards. They were claiming to be 90% open, but that’s a bit of a stretch obviously based on the number of lifts and not the terrain. Almost all the intermediate stuff and packed expert runs were open and in fantastic shape, with the other intermediate lifts scheduled to open this weekend. They advertise the “best corduroy” in the state and lived up to the claim. Lots of smooth high speed cruising, with some fairly steep sections where you can lay down a carve. It has been cold enough for them to make snow non-stop and the runs all had great coverage. Nothing exposed on any packed run on the entire mountain.

The small amount of unpacked intermediate/expert stuff that was open was also excellent skiing. Early season micro bumps with total coverage, although I think the thin early season base will probably start showing junk in the troughs if the bumps get too much bigger before it snows again.

The real steeps were closed, except for the Headwall accessed by one of the T-bars. You could ski it from the top but it was definitely a rock dodge on the upper half, but the bottom bowl had fairly good coverage and skied great, considering how steep it is. They were bombing the North Face, which looked like it probably needed another foot or two before they will open it. They also had some of the front side steeps open like Lower Peel and the trees under the lift, but all the tracks looked like the skiers were hitting stuff every few turns. I saw virtually no one skiing it the entire weekend.

For early December it was first rate. It was all I wanted for the first turns of the year. Plenty of cruising, a few mellow bump runs, and just enough expert terrain to find out if you are still on your game. You can't ski the famous steeps, but it was definitely good for a couple of days of real fun skiing.
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We are moving to Durango this coming summer. What is the drive to Crested Butte from Durango? Mapquest says it is 3 3/4 hours. Thanks for the info.
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We will be living very near Crested Butte in a few years. Bought land this summer. CB is about 3.5 hours from Durango. But, it is worth the drive. It might be a little trickier in the winter and will take you longer, but still worth the effort.
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CB got 11" last night! They are getting set up for a great season!
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Well it's now 3 days after that 11"

it has dusted and accumlated bits over the past week

Teocalli bowl was the best early season skiing I've ever had!
It was piled to thigh deep in places and i was skiing in stuff with none - 2 previous tracks in it.

East River trees have been freshies for days

North Face has seen a lot of bombing recently

hopefully it will open but I am off to the east for christmas with the family
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