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Sunday in St. Moritz With Matteo

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Call me a princess, but I love St. Moritz. We had spent a glorious day with Mateo, who is as charming, adorable intelligent and hilarious in person as he is online. Even with questionable conditions, St. Moritz is a spectacular ski area. The train ride from Davos to St. Moritz has some amazing scenery; The mountains cascade into the valleys and streams, which are surrounded by small villages. At this point, only Red trails are open. They were more chalenging than I wanted to be skiing post surgery, but I lived every minute. A bit of intercultural humor. We were eating lunch, speaking a mixture of Italian and English. Suddenly, some American guy came to our table and asked Matteo if he could pay him to use his cell phone. It seems he rented a car in Milan that broke down in St. Moritz. Complicating matters, the guy could not speak a word of Italian. Matteo was glad to oblige, but he could not get through. Details about the skiing when I return.
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Please post some pics when you get back! Hope you're having a ball. Please give Nobody a big HELLO!!!
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I ashamed to say this, but we forgot the camera when we went to St. Moritz! We do have some pictures from Davos which we will post when we return.
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Home at last! Now that we are not paying high wi-fi costs, I can give you more details about our day with Matteo. St. Moritz was surprising in that it was not as "glitzy" as its reputation. However, if you love wide open slopes with the most beautiful vistas imaginable, this ski area is defintiely worth a visit.

This was our second time skiing in Europe. We had skied at Bormio a few years ago, and had planned to ski at St. Moritz. Unfortunately, on the day we planned to go, the pass was closed due to avalanches. If you have never skied in Europe, there are a few things that are different from North America. First of all, nobody "owns" the ski areas. They belong to the town. The trams, lifts and ski schools are owned by private companies.

Don't expect as much "information" as you get at North American ski areas. At times, trails are not even marked. You just have to relax and let yourself enjoy the ride.

Matteo brought his Uncle Giovanni with him, who was kind enough to ski behind me the entire time. As compared to Davos, people ski a bit more leisurely at St. Moritz. Also, I had talked the ski shop into renting me a pair of Burnin' Luvs, with the promise that I would not take them off piste. It turns out, the high end skis are the only ones that they bother to tune, so I was one happy skier!

Although the conditions were definitely "early season," there is a major difference between Davos and St. Moritz. Davos is predominately a snowboarders mountain, and St. Moritz is mostly skiers. Therefore, what little snow that was there was not being scraped off. It was also a very sunny day, so the snow was a bit softer.

The better skis, wider trails and less frantic pace made for some really nice skiing. I'm still tentative, but sometimes that simply involves knowing when to quit.
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Lisa it has been a pleasure to spend the day with you and Mark.
The good vibes I brought home are stil with me
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And...Giovanni always skis last to protect the group/sweep down the last one to insure we all ski in the same general direction and no one is lost.
In our group each has a specific position/function.
I'm the point, he's the rear (aka "the broom" or "the sweeper"). I know it sounds almost like a mil op of sort...
But that's the way it unconsciously developed in over 25+ years of skiing together...
Point, my function is to find the best/easiest/safest way down.
But sometimes I stray and lead the group in unknown territory..then I make it my duty to see all safely down (i.e. off piste, bumps etc) ehe.
Rear, I already said it.
All the others, to enjoy the runs without the need to think too much about lines or crowds.
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It's so cool! Reminds me of when I was a teenager and the Villa Avenue Asumption Society Security Patrol car used to follow me at night to make sure I got home safely. They used to tell the cops, "if something happens, we'll take care of it and call you later!"

Seriously speaking, the fact that he was there made me much more confident. I truly thought that I would have to stay on really easy terrain until March, which would be one year post op. It's nice to see that I can still negotiate some challenging terrain without falling apart! I really appreciated his help, because at this point, my knee is much more comfortable with long radius as opposed to the short radius turns that everyone else was skiing. I hope he enjoyed himself, at least a little bit. Skiing at my pace was probably not much fun.
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We both enjoyed skiing with you!
And it was our first (and probably, never say never, the only one )skiing day of this winter.
Fun while skiing is having fun with friends, spending a day out, in the sun.
Not about speed. It's also about speed, but it's not the only one, nor the main.

Many happy turns to y'all.
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