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MArker vs salomon vs look

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afer several years off I am back into sking so I need some help beforew I drop $200 on bindings, local shop says Marker Piston or lower glide better than Sal. bettr tech with no pre release. Sated that was a problem 4 tears ago

Thoughts for level 5-6 skier 225lbs
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I'd stay away from the Marker bindings. My experience with them (and some of my friend's as well) is that they are not reliable bindings. However, I've not skied the Piston series.

I recently picked up some Look bindings that I'm very happy with. I'm sure my next pair will also be Look.

My other bindings are Tryolia - they've held up well through 25 days of skiing with only one pre-release which I'm sure was due to snow under my heel.
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Had a pair of Markers, they prereleased way to often. Now the same pair of skis has a pair of Rossi Turntables on them (same as the Look, different name). I now have two pairs of the Rossi/Look bindings, next pair of skis will have the same. I will never own another pair of Markers.

I've also had great luck with Salomons. I think they are great bindings and would look very seriously into buying another pair in the future.
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My preferences in bindings are Look/Rossi then Salomon then Marker. Though I loved the way my Markers worked with my skis they tend to prerelease easier than Looks/Rossi's and Salomons.
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I ski entirely salomon and have never had a prerelease problem with them. I ski them because i prefer the feel that the wings give you because they wrap around your boot (and i like not having upward release - it might be psychological though). To me markers feel heavy and sluggish, but other people love them so each to his own. I have skied rossi and look and enjoyed both but i felt a little insecure by on having that tiny toe peice holding me in (again psychologial).

Anyhow my real advice is going to be, ski in whatever you like. If i were you i would stick witht he same manufacturer for the bindings as the skis you are putting them on. In other words if your skis are salomon use salomon, if your skis are volkl use marker, and if your skis are dynastar, use look... etc. These days you cant buy a bad binding from any company. They all have similar features and do the same thing. they all claim to let the ski flex and to dampen vibrations from the ski, and they all do it. What skis are you putting bindings on?
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Rossi/Look being the same, I've had the fewest problems and most predictability and reliability with them. If putting a binding on a non-Rossi ski, I'd ask for a Look turntable; and if puting the binding on a new Rossi ski, I'd ask for Rossi turntable [for the extended warranty]. I've had very little experience with Salomon, but I have to agree with the comments on Markers. Atomics are too heavy and I just don't feel as confident about release relability with them. Invariably, Rossi/Look release when they should and not when they shouldn't. The Salomons I've used have been on demo skis, and they are neatest to snap into.
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I have skied and raced Tyrolia, Marker, and Salomon, and find them all good. I have skied the Marker Comps in super G at 55mph, totally on chatter ice, and have had no pre-release. On the other hand, in a back-seat over-turn fall in a GS, they let go just fine before my knee did.
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I had a pair of Marker's about 3 yrs ago, they were fine. With new skiis I switched to the Look's, they're marketing/turntable blurb did seem to make sense to me and I'm very pleaseed with them.

Unlike 10 or 15 years ago, where the binding selection could make a safety adjustment, these days just about any good manufacturer sells a satisfactory binding and the nuances between company's might not be all that dramatic.

With pre-mature release issues you've got to make sure that the settings are correct. Not adjusted for too low a setting.
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I really believe that for most skiers, it doesn't matter very much. In my experience, for every bad experience with a Marker, someone else has a bad experience with a Salomon or Tyrolia.

IMHO the safest binding is the Look Pivot/Rossignol Axial series of bindings with turntable heels. They have upward release at the toe, and a turntable under the heel, which combine to give the best ACL protection available (IMHO).

I've skied for 3 seasons on Rossi Axial Pro 120 and for one season (this year) on Salomon 912 PE. I think they both release smoothly. However, if I'd been paying full boat for them, I'd have got another set of Rossi Axials. As it was, I got the Sallies at 50% off, so I went with them.

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I've been skiing Markers for 40 years with no complaints. Obviously only the last year or two apply to current technology. I don't punish the bindings as much as I use to (this might not be true as my weight has increased over the years) and have never had a pre-release under any conditions. I cannot remember coming out of a ski in the last 2-3 years. And I do not have my bindings set overly tight - I test them regularly by performing a standing twist at the end of the day to take my skis off.
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I had a rossi pivot that didn't release in a bad fall after a long drop. It was only set on an 8, it should have come off 5 times over, but didn't. It messed me up pretty bad. I've had prerelease problems with 1 low end salomon, but that's it. I swear by s900's and s912's. I really like Salomon. I've never been on a pair of Marker's, but personal prefereance, I don't like them just from how they seem they'd work.
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Currently, I have Look Pivot 9's mounted on my XX's and Marker M51's on my race skis. No worries.

Assuming the shop tech has done his job properly, I trust Look/Rossignol bindings more than any other binding on the market, and I've skied them all. The only Markers I will ever mount to my bindings now are the old M51's.

The Look Pivot/Rossignol Axial series are NOT turntable bindings. They look similar to turntables, but don't be fooled.

I know Look ZR's (DIN 7-17) are turntable, and have never seen any Rossignol turntable bindings.
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Salomon 912 Ti for your weight and skiing ability. The Ti is a lightweight due to the titanium construction. (not lightweight in features) The toe piece has spherical release.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BooYAH:
The Look Pivot/Rossignol Axial series are NOT turntable bindings. They look similar to turntables, but don't be fooled.

The pivots are not the same as the old turntables but they still rotate in line with the tibia during release, the pivots also re-center after a release.
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Opinions are funny. I'm a PSIA level II cert and teach skiing full time in Colorado. I pay for my bindings and would not use anything other than Marker. I would not use another product if it was given to me. In order to make a living I have to stay healthy. It's not a hobby. I have skied on Marker equipment for twenty years and really like the product.

Think in these terms. Marker has one product and one product only.
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I'm on markers too. Currently have a pair of 2000 mrr turntables. never had a prerelease (actually haven't had a release yet either that I can recall)
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Rusty Guy:
Think in these terms. Marker has one product and one product only.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I agree with making one thing and making it better than anybody else, but what about all those Marker jackets, ski pants and other garb that I am seeing all over these days?

Binding decisions are truly one place in skiing that personal preferance takes the cake. Nobody will argue that a fat ski will out perform a narrow in the powder, but the bindings are really up to the skier.
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If you want to see how some people feel about Markers - do a search on powdermag.com. I was previously on Markers, and am now on Salomons. I like the Salomons better, they feel more solid, and I have not had a pre-release problems with 'em. That being said, I will take a very long look (no pun intended) at Look/Rossi for my next binding.

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Well i had to say one thing about Salomon bindings as mentioned in a early post they dont have upward release at the toe. What that makes is a binding that has a much higher risk in a ACL injury. Trust me i know the hard way. I wont ever use a Salomon bindings again until they redesign the toe for upward release. With that said i personaly feel the LOOK/Rossi bindings are the best, they have an unbelievable amount of travel before they release. I have compared them to Salomon, Atomic, and Marker by laying the ski on its side with the boot in the binding and pushing on the front of the boot from the side to see how far i can get the boot to move out of the binding before it pops out. All of the bindings except the Look type popped right out while the LOOK could go way out and then pull the boot back into the binding while the others just popped right out. Not scientific but it impressed me. Think thats why i can use one din lower with LOOK/Rossie pivot bindings over others mentioned.
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I researched long and hard before making my binding purchase. Safety was #1 for me. It came down to a Tyrolia or Look/Rossi binding. Both had all the multiple release points I wanted in the heel and toe. I bought the Tyrolia Cyber D8. Diagonal release heel and toe, upward release toe and a better AFD. Also very well made with few people breaking them, no complaints of pre-release like the Markers. They are A little heavy though. The Look/Rossi binding is shorter in length and lighter also, but I've seen reports of breakage on more than one ocassion but I do really like it. Look at both lines and compare, both are really good. Don't care for Salomon bindings at all.

Just my .02 cents worth
Jeff J.
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Alta, I'd be very surprised if the clothing you mention is actually made by Marker. I don't know, but am inclined to believe it is probably made FOR Marker in China/Turkey/[Insert low cost country/sweatshop here]. All the major brands I know of have a clothing/accessory line in addition to their main products.

I once used Tyrolia bindings but after some years (mostly in storage unfortunately) I broke the toe piece. Tyrolia said they knew of the problem, thanks for contacting them, and their new bindings were now much better; go buy our new ones. Ok, they were old bindings, but with a known problem I expected a bit more from them (say a discount or something). Needless to say I don’t use Tyrolia any more!

I’ve used Look 9.0 racing bindings without incident (indeed they’re built like trucks) and now ski Marker. I’ve never had a pre-release problem with my Markers, but recently was on some demos that did. However I’d suggest they were actually operating according to specifications as I was running quite a low DIN, due to being at work at the time and not wanting to break anything.


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All old bindings break the plastic gets brittle and they break. Ask an ski tech how many pairs of bindings they have broken testing them.
The old tyrolias broke because of a plastics problem. I have heard than it was the plastics supplier's mistake that caused plastic embrittlement. Most people broke the binding toe lug and got their bindings replaced for free. They warrantied thousands and thousands of bindings. Then they shut the replacement program down after a few years. If you were skiing more you would have gotten new bindings. Shame on you for not skiing more. What was happening was people were going to garage sales/thriftshops and buying old skis with tyrolias on them, they would break the toe lug and then would warranty the bindings. Tyrolia lost a lot of money on this warranty program, and it wasn't their fault but try suing DuPont or GE plastics for bad materials or material selection advice.

info from internet site: http://www.darryl.com/skiing/AlpineEquipment.html:
"It's pretty much old news at this point (it happened around 1988). At one point Tyrolia did indeed recall several bindings for a defect in some of the plastic parts. This recall and upgrade program is now over. According to Tyrolia, every owner's manual states that your bindings should be serviced/ inspected at least once a season. Since the recall began circa 1988 there has been ample time for 'annual' binding servicing. If your binding was under recall, the shop would/should have notified you when you brought your equipment in for service and offered the appropriate options. However, since this vintage (pre 1988) of bindings were sold with the lifetime warranty, Tyrolia will cover broken bindings under this warranty. You'll need to take your bindings to an authorized Tyrolia dealer along with a proof of purchase and the owner's manual. The bindings will either be sent back to Tyrolia or they'll be replaced by the shop. "
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I really think it is basically a matter of personal preference. I've used Tyrolia bindings on all my skis for years and had no problems with pre-release or failure to release. With any binding brand you will hear some horror stories. Sometimes it's because of failure of the owner to maintain the binding properly. Sometimes the bindings are (yes) improperly mounted. Sometimes there is a design or manufacturing defect.

Marker, Look, Rossi, Tyrolia, Atomic (formerly ESS), wouldn't be around today if they habitually turned out unsafe products.
Buy what appeals to you, have them mounted by a shop with a good reputation and keep the road grime off them and they should work fine regardless of brand. And, although few skiers I know do it, you might consider having them checked each season which is what the manufacturers recommend.
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Well said Lostboy. There are top skiers all over the world on every brand of binding, yes - stock models. Do I have my own preferance? Yes, I think we all do.

But I've got many brands altogether, and I know that my own experiences are such a small sample base of the millions of bindings being used each year . . . that its irrelevant!
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Hi group,

I'm a recreational racer and I've been using Marker 9.2 SC's with my Volkl P-40's. Overall I have been pleased with these bindings. Prior to this I've had bindings from Salomon and Marker (don't remember the models but they were middle of the line stuff).

I've had some pre-release problems with the Markers in course, but I've had the same issue with the Salomons as well. Never a huge problem, but occasionally lose a ski when thrown by a rut even though i wasn't falling.

What I do really like about the Markers is the Selective Control. I expected this to be a marketing gimmick, but when playing around with it both in free skiing and racing I can definetly notice the difference in the stiffness of the ski as I change the setting.

What I would like to hear is anyone's response about the Marker Selective Control system. Marker Thumpers and Look Thumpers welcome, I'd like to hear as many perspectives as I can on whether or not this is a big advantage for Marker.
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Since first posting abopve on this thread, I have read the very excellent and sober remarks of others who followed, and I must somewhat "restate" my position. It is true that my meager experience with the Marker pre-release problem was with ONE set of Markers, and under ONE set of circumstances. Since a change of DIN setting on ALL bindings, I have had no pre-release - on the Markers when I had them or on anything else. I feel somewhat embarassed that my readiness to agree with the negative Marker comments actually were based on insufficient evidence. I DO like the mecahnical AFD on Markers, and I have read of tests showing that they are the most consistent when it comes to release of a dirty boot. All that said, I still like the current self-centering turntable heels of Look and Rossignol and their upward release at toe, and I will continue to use them. I am convinced also that they provide the least amount of slack and the best ski/boot interface.

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Salomon. Period.
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DLeds1979 you should take a look at the Tyrolia Power Select series of bindings. These bindings do the same thing as the Marker Select Control only better from reports I've heard and read. 3 different settings like the Markers but they alter the ski in a different way than the Markers. Both bindings are heavy though. There is 2 different versions of the Tyrolia, a PSD8 and a PSD9 I believe. The D8 has a lower DIN and ALL the bells and whistles for release ability available while the D9 has a higher DIN and one less release option I believe(in the toe I think) I,d go with the D8.

Jeff J.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Phil Pugliese:
Salomon. Period.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Totally agree. Every time. Have seen too many Markers, Tyrolias and Looks disintegrating under my feet after far too few days, or felt a ski eject off while at high speed in a precarious situation to go any other way.

Salomon = robust and good hold.
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I also want to restate my position. Lostboy makes excellent points. And although I have skied Markers for years I've certainly used other bindings (Look and Salomon) with no complaints. All of these manufacturers produce good products. As can be seen from the numerous "xxxx ONLY!" postings, we are all bigots of our own experience.

I believe an injury caused by a binding is much more likely to be due to a poorly adjusted binding with inappropriate settings for a skiers abilities than because the binding was brand XXXX.

And (an unpopular view not intended as a flame on anyone) not all releases are prereleases. Sometimes the binding is doing what it is supposed to do - releasing under excessive load.
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