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Steamboat Lift Tickets

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Does anyone know of any discounted tickets available? I'm from out East looking forward to a four day weekend starting this Wednesday. Thanks.
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This question gets asked every year at least once . The only thing going (beside the "discount" offered by the management companies) is the meticket at www.meticket.com.
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Steamboat doesn't do the discount lift ticket ala Summit County. Your best bet is to get a lodging/ticket package when book. The other option is the mEtickets but there you need to book a minimum of 6 days. Maybe a Steamboat local might have some suggestions otherwise you'll be plunking down $72/day but based on what I've seen in the snow reports for the 'boat, it's money well spent.
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While out in CT for Christmas I spotted this ad at a Mobile gas station. I don't recall anyone posting this before.


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Thanks for the info. I usually take a late season trip to southern Vermont. Looks like it might be Mount Snow. By the way, we lucked out with otherworldly conditions at Steamboat. No crowds and plently of powder made for some silent running. I'm a big fan.
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I am planning to arrive in Steamboat in just over 2weeks (from England).

Ski Passes are higher than anticipated tho

Will the mEticket be the cheapest method for a 6 day pass? The site doesnt say whether I can receive my pass in England. Or can I buy a mEticket once I arrive?

Any help appreciated

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The mEticket needs to be bought online. You don't need to have it sent to you. You can pick it up at the ticket office - like will-call at the theatre. I bought mEtickets for my boys and picked them up when we got there. If you have any questions you can always call central reservations and ask.

When I picked up our tickets I was told that on 4/1 the tickets could be transferred to another teen (or adult if it is an adult ticket.) to use during late season.
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My wife and I are in the same position - arriving at Steamboat from Australia in approx 3 weeks time, and we plan to ski 10 of 11 days. Three short questions for someone-in-the-know:

1. Can someone confirm that by purchasing "10 days" from the mETicket website, that will allow us to ski either 10 days straight, or ski five, have a day off and then ski the remaining five (ie our 10 days don't have to be consecutive?).

2. When we pick them up from "the office", is that the same office as the main ticket office for the resort; in other words, is mEticket actually run by the owner/operators of the resort.

3. Can we collect all tickets for the 10 days at once, or do you have to front up each day and collect a single ticket?


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Thanks for the reply
If anybody knows anywhere in Steamboat that will sell a 6 day pass cheaper than than the mEticket ($366) then please shout.


1. The mEticket is designed so that you only use 1 day at a time. Therefore, you can have as many rest days as you like.

2. Im not sure where you pick it up. Would make sense that it is the main place at at the resort IMO.

3, You pay up front for the mEticket for 10 days. Not sure whether you have to go and get your pass every day or if they will be kind and let you take them all at once. Would like to know this too.
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I bought a 10 day "super value pass" this year to use on 2 separate trips. They take your picture at the sales office and give you a laminated pass on a lanyard. You get 15% off food purchases, lessons, rentals, etc. I got mine before 12/6 and paid $499 - so $50/day to ski. It also entitles you to some reduced days in spring and some free ski fridays in late season. Go to the steamboat website www.steamboat.com and click oon lifts/passes to find the deals.
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there are 45.00 tickets Ski scool comps available e-mail me
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Yes the passes are available , But I can't get any. as Ski corp has cracked down on sales of passes to instructors and staff
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Edward, You buy the metickets online or on the phone at least 72 hours prior to arrival. They can be picked up in the main ticket office right at the base, any of the ambassadors will point it out to you. The tickets are daily and you can get as many days in a row as you want from what you purchased, or just one at a time. What you need to remember is that they are consecutive days, not a "three out of four" type thing. That means you may be better off just picking one up each morning if you're not sure you want to commit to several days in a row. It literally takes 60 seconds once you have your meticket card. Don't forget your id, they will ask each time. Have fun!
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