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Well, I just got back from Telluride and this is my trip report

Only lifts 1, 4, 5 and 6 were open, 7 for access only. Snow was getting a bit thin on some runs but lots of snow guns are blowing.. Lift lines were almost zero at all lifts, I mostly hung on 4 and 5 and occasionally 6 to get to 'see forever' which was really pretty. Great view of the local mountains.

We stayed in the Telluride Lodge, great place, grocery store nearby and the 'Galloping Goose' free shuttle to take you anywhere in town, in only a few minutes. No fast food anywhere , I liked that a lot.

The temps were great - 30's on Friday up to 40's on Sunday. Blue skies every day.

The town is lost smaller than I expected - thought it would be packed with tourists/skiers but I never saw more than a hundred people - that was at the bottom of lift 4. In town never saw more than 50 people. I found out from a local that maybe the busiest time of the season.

Two good eat places I found were Smugglers (great beer - try the stout) and Sofios, and one other but forgot the name.

Ratio of skiers to boarders was pretty high - maybe six to one or more. Ok for me...

Things are a bit pricey under the lifts (paid $13.00 for a burger and soda - Skiers Union I think) but in Telluride you could find good food for decent price.

Was hoping to see a movie star, never did...

I give Telluride a

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dwoof2: I see that they opened Zulu, Happy Thought, Allias and some of the expert stuff off Lift 6. Did you ski any of them? How were they?
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I didn't get to those. These were my first days back this year. Hardest run I did from six was Woosleys (sp?) short bump run. Boots hurt first couple days and I couldn't get comfortable. Boots felt ok on the third day but then I was tired. :

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Did you get them looked at? There are a couple of first rate bootfitters in Telluride.
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