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Less shape in the tail, longer radius, softer torsional flex, Detune tip and tail, and the most important point, increase the base bevel when you tune the ski.
The problem is you don't want to go too far. I found crossmax 10s pretty versatile and SX10s and 11s not so much. My Fischer WC SCs can skid fairly easily when I wanted them too (I was curious) as well as carve.
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Well, perhaps they are not pure carve turns, but they are also not skided turns. The demonstrator is actively steering the ski, as opposed to turning through pushing the tails.

If what you want is to ski like the demonstrator, then I would focus on skiing with carving technique. You should be able to do that with virtually any of today's skis, perhaps with a noted exception for the widebody powder specific skis. Even the S11's should be adequate for that task.

If, on the other hand, you desire to ski like the pure demonstrations of athletic prowress in some bump skiers that rarely, if ever, turn their skis but rather slide them from bump to bump, then a flat straight ski might be in your future.

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Originally Posted by S11
My opinion, I don't think the demo turns were carved in the sense we know it today with that spray coming off on the downhill section. That said, the turns fit the terrain and weren't overcontrolling speed.

Matter's view of tail size sounds correct.
I see a nice blend of skills in those turns.
-at least one turn where one ski is carving a tight radius on a terrain feture, but only the front half of the ski, as the other ski is in the air.
- some turns where the skis allowed to be dragged by the snow to the new direction
- some turns where the skis are pivoted in an unweighted state on the back side of a bump.

I also see that the "bumps" are made of snow. Whenever I decide to ski bumps because the trails are getting too crowded to ski fast, the bumps are deserted and they are made of solid ice on three sides, the back side is very steep and rented skis can do nothing but go straight down the back side and crash into the next bump (sideways or striaght on your choice). You guys out west are spoiled rotten. They are a little small though. Couldn't they find any real moguls to video: .
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The bigger the moguls the easier they are IMO. small choppy moguls can be much tougher.
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