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Ski Storage???

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Is there a proper way to store your skis over the off season?
I have been wondering this for some time now...........
I have mine stored in the garage, in the rafters with the bindings facing down. Thoughts, ideas comments
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Best thing to do at the end of the season is get your skis tuned and leave the wax on. This prevents the base from drying out and protects your edges from rusting. I usually turn my DIN settings down to release any pressure on the system at all. The best place to store skis is a dry, well ventilated area An inside closet or under a bed usually serves to be sufficient. At the start of the season you will simply need to scrape off the storage wax and have your bindings properly adjusted for all the weight you've put on during the off season. If your skis have accumulated any rust, which is not unlikely, a fine stone will fix this problem and your edges will still be sharp.
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Ski Doc thanks for the House call.
So it does not matter how they are stored. i.e. Standing on end or laying down?
My thought is that if they are stored with bindigs face up. That after a while it will warp the ski???
Hmmmmm Am I nuts??
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You know, I never really thought about that. I guess, logically, laying them flat on their bases could eventually decamber the ski. But i'd like to think that the elastomers and epoxies are strong enough to prevent this. I usually keep my skis standing in my closet, base to base. I've never had any trouble, just an occasional surface rust spot, I've never noticed my skis to be less lively after storage. After a full season on the hill is a different story.
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I suspect that leaving the ski base down could eventually decamber the ski. But with modern skis, I expect this would take place at about the same speed as the decomposition of glass. I doubt that the amount of change would even be measurable within the life span of the ski.

The other advice is dead on - wash the ski/binding with a stiff long bristle brush, relubricate binding if necessary per manufacture, dry, tune, wax, detension the binding (write down the DIN and tape it to each ski), and store in a cool, dry place. In the fall/winter, retension binding, clean edges, scrape, and rewax, visually inspect the boot/binding fit, check and adjust bindings as necessary.

Boots should be cleaned with soap and water, dried, inspected for damage, and stored in a cool dry place.

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