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Need help with ski size and type

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ok I have 3 skiis in mind.

I am looking for a ski for moguls back country and powder that will also let me enjoy the groomed stuff.

I have looked at the volkl 5 and 6 star and also the volkl pro

i can get:
pro in 170 or 177 with 1400 piston binding for $570
The 6 star in 161,168,175 lt bindings $530
the 5 star not sure yet havent looked into it

I weigh about 195 now will weigh 180 by the time i start skiing and probably drop to 175 by spring like i did last season

I hear the 6 star is really stiff and not that great in the bumps?
also hear that i should get a longer size on the pro

what about the 5 star. cant seem to find a good deal on this ski.

thanks for your input in advance.
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I assume you mean 724 "pro", this would be your best choice in this group; go with a 170cm.

Go with a twin tip, its a no-brain-er. Consider last years Fischer Big Stix 8.0 or the Volkl V-pro if possible; there are a few deals on these models to be found. the Fischer (and maybe the Volkl) are Laminate construction, very well made. The skis do very well on the groomed also.

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None of the skis that you mention seem like the absolute best choice but of the three, the 5* is maybe the best.
  • 6* = Very stiff, killer for groomers, not forgiving in bumps or crud.
  • Pro = Also stiff, good in crud or groomers for a very strong skier, but merciless in bumps. If you get this one, get it short.
  • 5* = Nice blend of agressiveness and forgiveness. A little narrow for deeper snow, but one of the great all rounders.
There are lots of nice skis that won't break the bank, but if Volkl is your primary choice, you could consider last year's EXP if you can find one. If the perfect ski is more important than the price, then the '06 AC-3 would IMO be the best fit among the Volkls.

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Those do not seem to me to be the best choices for backcountry and powder. Of them, the Pro would be best, but still not a really good choice. I'd consider something like a Dynastar 8800 or 8000, instead. They are lighter (important for backcountry), wider (more float backcountry and powder), and livelier (bumps). They are wide for bump skis, of course, but if you're looking for powder/backcountry, you're not going to find a pure bump ski...
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i am open to sugestions other brands. thanks for the input
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