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Too BIG???

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i just got the line invaders 171. they're twin-tipped and a park ski. i am one inch taller than these skis. do you guys think the sizing of these skis is correct? are they too big to be a park ski?

c'mon someone answer.

Me - 5'6''
Ski - 5'5''
Weight - 140
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There is really no cut and dry method of judging ski length based on height. Weight, ability, and familiarity (with skiing other ski lengths) are more important. A 171 is not that big of a ski, and should be fine in the park.
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The don't allow anything over a 170 in the parks anymore...haven't you heard?

Just kiddin' !!!
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lol, yeah, good to hear. spending so much money on equipment can be worrysome. I was just on newschoolers.com and i was checking out some of the pictures and a lot of guys are riding twin tips taller than themselves. my friend who ski's tons always talks about wanting new skis and when he gets them they'll be taller than he is, so i added it up and just bought the bigger ski. I honestly fear getting hurt trying some of those spins. i just got over a bad knee injury, but you know the saying. no guts no glory!
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