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Many Thanks to the Bears!!!

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Arrived in Silverthorne yesterday and hooked up with Faisasy & Bong to ski at Loveland today. Conditions were good and the hospitality displayed by both was phenominal. A big Thank You to both and definitely look these two up if you're in the area.

I'll be skiing with Bong again on Tuesday at Copper and I'm sure it will be another great day. Great to meet and ski with Kay as well Bong.
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Hopefully, I'll get a run or two with you and Bong on Tuesday (but will likely be guiding, so a lot of "it depends" going on there).
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ssh, I got to ask you, what is "guiding?" Sometimes I think that it's some new PC term for "instructing" or "teaching" (kind of like "customers" are now "guests" - which annoys me, but that's a different rant), but most of the time I think it's something else, but I can't exactly figure out what. So, what is it that you're doing exactly?

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Hey jgiddyup,

Great skiing with you on Sunday. Hope you had a good day at Winter Park today. The fresh snow tomorrow should be sweet. Unfortunately, I'm stuck in Detroit this week.
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Thanks Faisasy and I ended up in Breck today. I decided to go get the lay of the land and not only did I get around the mountain, but I found the condo Annie & I will be staying at in Jan, where to get the key on a Sunday and which bus to ride. I hooked up with DP late morning and we skied the rest of the day together (Great Guy).

I had a funny fall on a bump run called Mach 1. About a third of the way way down I crossed tips, fell and slid down to about the half way point. The funny part is that my pants came un-snapped and when I stood up my pants were down to my knees. All this in full view of the lift and DP was laughing his behind off. Great day and more great hospitality
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Here are a couple of pics from Sunday at Loveland...

Jgiddyup and me atop the Ridge:

Jgiddyup atop Spillway, with Chair 8 in the background:
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Great photo's, sorry I missed you on Sunday. I'll try to hook up with you next time you're up.

Great hanging with you this week. Wasn't the snow great at Copper today!!

Have a safe trip home.

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Bong et all,

I had a major delay leaving DIA, but that couldn't put a damper on a fabulous trip and the fabulous snow at Copper yesterday. I don't think it could have been better. I'll post a trip report over the weekend and give props to Q4U
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Originally Posted by jake75
ssh, I got to ask you, what is "guiding?"

Copper has a wonderful program called the Over the Hill Gang. Named after a notorious outlaw gang that hung out in the valleys around what is now the Copper Mountain resort, the Gang is an active social club for adults 45 and older (and their spouses/SOs). Focused around skiing in the winter 4 days a week (T/W/S/S), the club also sponsors social and outdoors events year around and communicates all of this via the club web site.

When the club skis, each member self-selects into one of the 5 different skill level groups (each group is often sub-divided by terrain, pace, and other factors, as well). The groups then ski with a uniformed guide for the day. The guides are members of the Copper Ski & Ride School, but the position is a voluntary one (pass and a few other perks provided). One of the benefits of skiing with the Gang is lift-line privs on crowded days. Others include the inside knowledge of the guides, the tips and skiing insights that they can offer, and, my groups will tell you, the recommendations for all of the things that you could buy that would be great for your skiing experience (it's getting around: ski with Steve and you'll end up buying stuff).

Anyway, that's a long answer, but the entire answer. I am an OHG guide. I love it. In my view, it's the best job on the mountain. Sometimes I still get to teach lessons, but that's rare. Mostly when I'm in-uniform, I'm guiding and skiing and laughing and swapping stories.

...if the Gang goes home smiling, I've done my job...
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Glad to hear you made it out of DIA (with pants up, I presume). I'll bet that after the ESA you will nail that run!

Had a great time skiing with you at Breck- see you in Utah
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Indeed we will see each other in Utah DP and I find myself looking back to last Friday when I was packing for the trip. Had an awesome time and continuous thanks to you Bears who made it happen If anyone wants to have a FREE place to stay at the beach sometime then let me know? It will only cost $2500 for the week which should just about cover our trip to Las Lenas while you're here
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Glad to hear you made it home ok. Looking forward to skiing with you the next time you make it to Colorado.

Enjoy ESA!!

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Will definitely enjoy ESA Bong and will most definitely ski with you on our 8-14 Jan trip!!!
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