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Scott Aztec Pros

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Anyone here skied them ???? Feedback.
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Yes, I demoed them two weeks ago in a few inches of new snow on top of a a really good base. 175 cm.

I'm 5'9", 185?? and ski everywhere farily aggresively. I've been skiing 32 years or so.

I liked them! Easy to turn and a tight turn radius but can make various turn shapes. Grip was very good on steep hard snow. Not really ice. Good in bumps and trees.

I plan to take it out again this sunday in harder snow conditions.

I like this ski cuz it is made by Fischer. My experience with that brand is that they are well built and durable. Plus they are less costly than more well known names like Rossignol.

I did find them short in front a few times, but that could be cuz I am used to a longer ski than 175 and also I am not sure if there is a dual mounting point option on these...maybe the bindings were set forward like a park ski?

I think I am ready to buy them over the B2.
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