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Metron M:10

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Ok I've looked, I've read, I've demoed. Now I need to pick. In particular the length for my new M:X's. I need to pick because the only length that was available to demo was 171. My details, 6 ft, 270lbs, level 6/7 skier(depending on which guide you look at).

The 171 was great except I wondered about the stability, I was able to feel some instability at higher speeds in choppy inconsistent snow conditions more so than with longer skies, but that could be more from my technique than the skis.

My current skies are 183 K2 enemies, the 171 M:X's felt better and inspired much more confidence on steeper, harder snow than the old enemies. The M:X's were the clear winners of all that I demoed, but I would like to have tried them in 178, but have called all ski shops/areas near us and none are available. So now the question is 171 that I've tried or 178 that I have not. The Metron index for me is 1436 if you up convert for my weight above the 240 that the chart allows. The M:10 index number for 171cm is 1295 and 178cm = 1360. So would that mean that some ski that I have not been able to try would feel better or is the sizing index not all that applicable?

Prior to writting this I was convinced to go with the 178, now after thinking thru and writting it down I'm just as convinced to go with the 171.
: : : :

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I would say the 178 or even the M:ex in a 185!
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The 171 is too short for you, go 178.
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Another vote for the 178

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178. I am 5'11 and 100 lbs lighter than you and I ski the 171.
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looks like 178 is the consensus.. I was really thinkning this, but all the go short, go short banter there is these days I got a little crazy. My 183's are the shortest I've ever owned, first set were 188 Merlins, current enemies are the second set, looks like 178 M:X's are the third......

Thanks for all the help....
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I have been on the 178cm M10 a number of times and It's no slouch of a ski , if anything there are few people that really need this ski in 178. What I'm wondering is when you say the 171 is unstable at speeds in chop are you on edge or running flat , this ski is anything but unstable even with a heavy skier. If your ability dictates you need a longer ski then go that way but don't do it based on weight .
A quick take on myself , I'm 225-230ish and ski most of Atomics stuff on the longer side . eg. r9's in 190cm ,mex's 185cm ,rex's 191cm, 10ex's in 198cm and at times I want the b5 longer than 172 . The thing about the M10
is the 178 feels a whole lot bigger than some of those other skis at times so don't discount the 171cm , chances are if you get them on edge and stomp on them they are going to surprise you.
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I ski the m10 in 171 and find the 178 to be quite a beast. Another friend fairly experienced with Atomics tried the 178 figuring it would work out fine and was shocked at how much ski it is. We are 80 lbs and 100lbs lighter than you respectively. If the 178 was made for anyone it was guys your size.
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well I won't discount the 171, but I've ordered the 178. I skied the 171 a half dozen days or so last year and the first few times I was in love, then the more I pushed on them the more I thought I might want more ski under me. I'm pretty sure I was getting everything out of them and then some, I guess I'll know in a week or so....
the only time time I've ever thought I had too much ski was my old 188cm merlins when on steep hard snow/ice. My 183 enemies have never felt to long, just very slow edge to edge, great to just sit on and run flat out, but not so great if you needed to turn abruptly. Also not so great for edge grip on hardpack/ice and I don't think they will serve to try to learn better ski technique, but they will still get late season slush duty.

I hope the 178 is as great for me as I think it will be, and lots of others have said it would be, I'm a pretty athletic 270-275, think power lifter or defensive end type build, so I would guess above average strength for a skier, so I can push a ski pretty hard for my ski ability level. I used to be scared of higher end skis because I figured they were beyond my ability, but lots of weight and leg power really change how a ski works, but again I guess I'll find out.

Thanks again for all the help...
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You will be happier with the 178. Congrats.
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After skiing them.....

Well, just wanted to post after getting to ski my new M:10's. As indicated I went with the 178, I think I would have been happier initially on the 171, but inthe long run I think the 178 is right. I had been on the 171 last year a few times mostly on groomed runs, a few moderatre bump runs but very little time spent on ungroomed, narrow, overly steep, or more difficult bump conditions. The down side to the time spent on the new 178's is that it was spent entirely in the conditions that I never skied the 171's, due to little or no snow in New Mexico this year (where we usually go) we have gone to Colorado. So far I've skied only on ungroomed stuff, and really noticed the stiffness of these skis. It will take some time for my ability to catch up to these in the conditions I've found in CO, onthe other hand I can't wait to get them on some groomed runs and soem harder snow conditons. I was able to ski them in some bumps, which I'm not good at but do want to get better, the stiffness there was a real eye opener over my old enemies. You can't relax much on these M:10's like I can on the K2's, at least in these conditons. I think they will be fine in groomed conditions. They do make me stay more focused and I think that will lead me to be a better skier.

No a question. The neox bindings show a forward and a centered position. They are currently in the center position. What are the differnces in performance/feel in the two positons? What differnces in feel would the forward position give over the centered position? How difficult is it to change?

Thanks for all the info and help.

PS: The wife let me buy new boots also, WOW... a great year for new gear, not so great for snow in New Mexico, yet.......
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