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Schwab Tickets?

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I just saw that Charles Schwab is giving away tickets to people who open up accounts. This is great, because it makes it possible to get discounted tickets for resorts where discounts can be hard to come by (I'm going to Jackson Hole in January, so this is on my mind!). Has anyone seen any of these leaking out? Haven't seen any on ebay yet. If you've got any, please let me/us know!
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Schwab is a horror show... In my opinion, the most ethically challenged company I have ever had the misfortune to do business with.

Trust me, it aint worth it
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This is what I found on the Schwab website:

As a proud sponsor of Bode Miller, the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding, Schwab is excited to offer you a chance to ski some of the world’s best mountains. Simply make a qualifying deposit into a new or existing account by March 15, 2006, and you can receive one of three great ski packages.

Enjoy 2 complimentary lift tickets, plus a Suunto Altimax ski watch.

Enjoy 4 complimentary lift tickets, the Suunto watch and a professional ski lesson up to $250.

Enjoy 4 complimentary lift tickets, the Suunto watch, a ski lesson and 2 nights at any participating luxury hotel up to $750

So I have to deposit JUST $100,000 to get two free lift tix? Wonder what they give you for $1000????
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Ok, but....

Ok, but what I really wanted to know was whether anyone had actually signed up for a Schwab account and wanted to sell their tickets. Alternatively, does anyone know if any of the tickets had leaked out onto ebay. Let's focus, people....
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I saw tix for sale on Ebay last year. The seller said he received them for opening an account and was a non-skier.
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