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Lips dry/sting/cracking on sides?

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Seems I get better advice here than from my dermo!

For the last year I've been constantly using various lip balms to alleviate the extreme dryness and stinging in my lips. Just started one day and never stopped. Shaved, didn't help.

In fact, it got worse after my dermo suggested using ELOCON.

Can you dear friends suggest something?

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Dermatone Spf 23 With Zinc Oxide! Baby!
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if they are cracking in the corners then take some vitamin B group supplements... & think about why you are B group deficient in the first place....

In the mean time try some abbotts cold sore balm (if you can lay hands on it - it was discontinued in Oz... has some horrid thing as an antiseptic in a vaseline type of base... it may have been phenylmercuric nitrate or some such) .... Useless for coldsores but good for cracked lips(or cuts on lips)

Otherwise a cream base with silicone and some cortisone & antifungal would work....

I've used both of the above creams combined with Vit B with good results...

Hmmm - thinking about it a small amount of Kenacomb Otic Ointment would probably work....

Eat you vitamin B foods.... sttress less.... (maybe drink? less: )
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If the problem is predominently at the corners of the mouth then it could be related to yeast. This is not uncommon. Also, Elocon would prob. worsen this. Try an anti fungal cream such as Lotrimin-just a small dab at the corners of the mouth three times a day for a while. If this helps, then prob. is yeast/fungus related.
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Do you drink much water? Sometimes dry lips are that way due to inadequate hydration. Your case sounds a bit more complex though.

I'd stay away from any lip balms that use petrolium distillates. Many lip balms actually leave your lips dryer than they otherwise would have been since the moisture they provide evaporates, an takes your natural moisture with it. Gregg's Beeswax lip balm won't dry your lips.

Extra virgin olive oil is outstanding for moisturizing and healing skin. It is high in vitamin E.
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I'll say it again, damn you guys are good! Wasn't aware of Vitamin B deficiency, will get on it immediately (after a couple of rum and cokes as per disski's advice ).

And Dermatone, Lotrimin, etc., etc. until I lick this annoying (and sometimes a bit painful) sore (?).

My Derm should be shot for prescribing Elocon, and the follwing morning it makes everything liquid taste like God knows what!

Oh, I do drink tons of water. And Diet Coke.

Noticed that citrus worsens the condition, so quit my daily grapefruit.

Caramba! And GRACIAS!
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see if you can get derm to write script for Kenacomb ear ointment BEFORE you shoot him - much simpler...

(Americans & their gun thing I dunno!):
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Sorry - don't remember which exact b vitamin the cracks are often caused by insufficient of... but usually if you are a bit lowish in 1 then more than likely need all.....
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Originally Posted by Gpaul
Oh, I do drink tons of water. And Diet Coke.

The caffeine in the coke counteracts the water though!!
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I use Burt's Bees. It is a beeswax type thing with some sort of pepperminty thing in it. Helps prevent water loss. If you are dehydrated, however, it will not do anything to add moisture.
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Angular Cheilitis

Sounds like you have a Candida infection (fungal). What you are discribing is called angular cheilitis (pronounced key-light-iss). It is worsened by licking the lips.

It can be treated by various medication, such as Nystatins (Mycostatin, Nistat), by Amphotericin-B (Adrin, Fungizone), Ketoconozol (Mycelex, Monostat), or Candicidin (Duflican, Sporanox).

Oral candidiasis is initiated along with decreased host defense by a variety of different drug therapies (broad-spectrum antibiotics), systemic diseases (Lupus, AIDS, to some degree Diabetes, to name a few), or other conditions that result in changes in the oral cavity.

Ask you dentist to examine and prescribe one of the meds I listed above. It is easy to treat with the proper meds.

Good luck,
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I had very dry cracked lips last season in the US. This season I was a week out of 6 weeks of chemical skin cancer treatment, so my gob was in horrible condition. Cracked, weeping, blood seeping out!!!!

Wal-mart were doing a promotion for Neutrogena lipstick (20 spf) where you got some of their gob fixer with it. This stuff is brilliant, it's fixed the chemical damage and it's in the best shape in years. It comes in a little tube and tastes quite nice and men can use it too. I'll just go have a look at it.... It's called Neutrogena Lip Boost.
Very pleased with it.I'm off to Wal mart ASAP to get some more.
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I recall using Mycolog as a teenager for pimples, and maybe cold sores, it was a wonder! Would this be applicable to my current lip conditiions?
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Mycolog II is a combination drup - nystatin and a steroid. It is (to my knowledge) not used for acne, but other fungal infections of teh skin and lips, etc..... It is in the Nystatin family I wrote about above.
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Originally Posted by Scott K
Mycolog II is a combination drup - nystatin and a steroid. It is (to my knowledge) not used for acne, but other fungal infections of teh skin and lips, etc..... It is in the Nystatin family I wrote about above.

If it is nystatin plus a steriod then it is similar to the kenacomb otic I suggested - that is triamcinolone & an antifungal/antibacterial from memory
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disski, you are correct in that they are both steroid/antifungal combos. You just need to be careful, sometimes because of the way they are formulated (mixed, along with the carrying agents) one medication may not work as well as another...diff antifungals, different steriod, the % of each, plus the cominations (ie...steroid A and antifungal B may work better in combo thatn Steriod A and AF C).

In any event, you are on the mark.

Anyway, GPaul should go to the correct clinician for a first hand look and inquire about an antifungal medication - easy to irradicate the problem.
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Scott - I know that.... but it is not so useful to the average patient..... the doctors rarely get the concept....

My answer was based on teh fact I am in another country & people often cannot get the brand name I suggest (like we don't ALL follow the US of A hey! .... even though the WHOLE of the world has had to give in & change generic drug names because the US of A'holes would NOT change to match rest of world on same)
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Time out!!!! Thanks guys, cool it!

Now, just on what we've seen here, knowing that Elocon was terrible, which may be best: Mycostatin, Lotromin, Mycolog II, or Dermatone?

And I think I also recall seeing, many years ago, a Mycolog/Mycostatin cream?

We're almost there.
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GPaul - that was why I was giving you generic ideas...

From experience I can give people with your symptoms ANY combination of antifungal/cortisone/moisturiser that the shop I am in has in stock & it will work.....

Some will work faster... (in Oz we have a combination antifungal/cortisone in simethicone & healing cream base.... also the same without teh cortisone helps - but if some redness/stinging adding teh cortisone seems to make people feel better faster so they keep using it).... Ditto the base is not ESSENTIAL.... but keeping the wounded area less dry helps healing....

If you can lay your hands on any antifungal in an ointment base I'd use it.... then next best any antifungal in a cream base - add simethicone over the top if needed (keeps the moisture you add by licking lips OUT of the area being treated)....

Hence my suggestion to use Kenacomb EAR ointment - nice vaseline ointment type base - good ingredients.... BUT in Oz at least you would need a prescription

I'd take the B vitamins.... too - worst that happens you have a very vitaminised sewer system

Then just adjust as you feel you need after you get fixed.... (you will soon see if you need a shot of vitamins every few days or whatever... I have had female patients where it reappears every month - unless the vitamins are taken each month)....
Stressed patients seem to need more B to keep mouth area healthy.... etc etc etc
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Do not use Mycolog on the face EVER! It contains a fluorinated steroid which is too potent to use on the face. Angular cheilitis (sometimes referred to as "perleche" From the French perlecher which means "to lick") is usually a combination of salivary enzymes acting to digest the top most layers of skin and lip away. Saliva also contains both yeasts and bacteria which become lodged in the region and they in turn trigger more inflammation which leads to more licking, etc. Try the "triple whammy" approach. Get 1% hydrocortisone cream (suppresses inflammation), mix it with Lotrimin cream (kills yeasts) and polysporin (kills bacteria) and layer this witches brew on there 2-3 times a day until it clears. Use Bag Balm or Aquaphor at bedtime after it clears to prevent recurrence. B vitamin deficiency as a cause of cheilitis is very rare in the US. Occaisionally can be due to allergic contact dermatitis, but that usually involves both lips and leads to itching and swelling. Hope this helps!
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An old fashion remedy for chapped lips. Get some fresh horse manure and apply it 3 times daily, if nothing else I guarantee you will stop licking them
...Sorry couldn't help it it reminded me of an old joke.
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Tks doogiedoc! I'm on my 5th day with Mycostatin, and no relief yet.

Can you suggest some name brands for the 1% hydrocortisone and the polysporin? Much obliged!
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Originally Posted by Gpaul
Tks doogiedoc! I'm on my 5th day with Mycostatin, and no relief yet.

Can you suggest some name brands for the 1% hydrocortisone and the polysporin? Much obliged!
Mycostatin is like Mycolog. Quit using it. Brand names include Cort-aid, Cortizone-10. Your pharmacist can point out where they are...
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Unless your brands of Mycostatin is very differnt to ours it has NO steroid.... so is not like mycolog as you described it...

Mycostatin is a brand of nystatin (antifungal) cream..... (I tend to favour azole type antifungals for this purpose.... so like miconazole - daktarin .... but the nystatin should be OK)....

Def add the hydrocortisone to get the inflammatory response down a bit...

Try to get some waterproofing type base on it also to protect it...

That is why the Abbotts cold sor balm worked - tasted TERRIBLE.... so you stopped licking FFAST!!! (PLus the antbacterial bit...)
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My Derm gave me some cream a few years ago that contains 1% Hydrocortisone and 1% Clotrimazole (antifungual). It was called Clo-H cream and I've never seen it anywhere else, apparently he had it mixed specially for his office. The stuff worked really well. I wanted some more recently and he wanted to charge me $150 for an office visit plus the cream, so I looked around the web and found Canesten Hydrocortisone Cream that has the same 1% of HC and Clotrimazole at Pharmacy 2U in the UK. Haven't used it yet, just got it yesterday, took about a week to get here.
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be prepared that the 2 may not work the same....

Couple of problems with hydrocortisone in cream/ointment bases....
1)they are usually made with hydrocortisone salts in the base but sometimes with straight hydrocortisone base (Hydrocortisone acetate most common salt I can think of)
2) The hydrocortisone is usually dispersion of fine powder in the base
3) on diluting the cream base the surface area of powder is the same but the concentration gradient for it to dissolve is different.... hence how it is diluted can affect amount of hydrocortisone effectively available to skin....

hence if doc made his own it may not work same as commercial prep...

(here endeth pharmaceutics 101 lesson for today )

(OK well you see one of our companies once made a product with dissolved cortisone in small concentration but it had great results despite being so much weaker....... )

Then you can look at all the different bases & that effect....
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Would y'all know how long before I will feel relief from 1% hydrocortisone? Now on day 2 and NO improvement.
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are you applying cortisone AND antifungal?
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Nope, only 1% hydrocortisone, and chapstick.
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