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It's been a long time, but I can remember skiing in snow with my skis about a foot below the surface. I can remember falling down and having to climb(more like swim) back up to my skis in light snow that seemed to be dozens of feet deep. I call that powder.

I have never seen powder in the east.
I have seen a few feet of new snow (rarely), but not "Powder".

I see people refering to occasionally sking powder in the east. I have seen poeple post about 6 inches of powder. Perhaps this is a word that has a specific meaning to this form that I need to learn. (like steering)

What is "Powder"?
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At Mt. Baker "powder" is anything that is white, falls from the sky, and accumulates.

I've heard that people in other parts of the world are more picky.
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Dumbest. Thread. Ever.
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East Coast Powder?? Defntion: a day when the snowmaking guns are on

--Proud Ice Coaster
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As defined by 3 inches or more of dry freshly fallen snow.

See Surface Conditions Key by
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Originally Posted by Takecontrol618
Dumbest. Thread. Ever.
right!, how does a guy make 1600 posts and live in Ontario and not know what powder is? Did you just hijack someones computer?
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Oh, I thought you were talking about me

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Thanks for your informative and usefull post and links.

Maybe it's because of all the "How to ski Powder threads", and the number of people who use "Powder" to mean deep Powder.

Congratulations on having the Most dumbest POST ever, made, no less, in what you consider the dumbest thread ever.: If you think a thread is that dumb, I sugest you don't reply to it.
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I don't even use the term "powder" any more since it has been so misused and misrepresented. I use terms like fresh, untracked, deep, light, and dry.
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Cold smoke on the ground;
a layer of pureed silk
this is powder snow.

smooth icy talcum
blowing right up in your face-
nothing is better.
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the sound clip one person posted has got it summed up pretty well

PWDER IS 3 INCHES OR MORE OF >>>>>DRY<<<<<< SNOW, HENCE THATS WHY IN THE EAST WE DONT SEE IT ALOT BECAUSE GENERALLY THE SNOW THAT FALLS HERE IS NOT ALWAYS DRY IT IS USUALLY like half wet half dry, but occasionally when it is cold enough we do get some nice POW.
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What, BTW is "loud powder"? I've heard that mentioned several times, but don't get it.

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Around here, "powder" is anything that hasn't come out of a snow gun, including wet snow and sleet. Everything else is "packed powder".
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Have ANOTHER dozen Molson's you moron...
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ghost since u are in ontario like me... either go out west to experience powder, sometimes u mite find it in vermont/quebec/newyork AND SUMTIMES in ontario when ther are snowsqualls head over to BLUE mountain and u will find alot of nice fresh powder + zero visibilty = fun day on the slopes.

i duno if this is tru for other ppl but i love skiing in blizzards/snow storms (zero visibilty, dumping snow)
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I enjoy skiing when its dumping.
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Originally Posted by Powdr
What, BTW is "loud powder"?
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