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Rossignol Bandit X

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Is there a difference between this years and last years Bandit X model? I have the opportunity to buy last years model at a really great price. Thanks
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This years Bandit X (107-70-97)is a new ski. It has a different shape and construction than last years version. From what I heard, this year's version is a much better ski than previous versions.
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It grew to about the same size of last year's XX. Kewl. :
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I've heard that the tails in all the Bandits are a lot softer than previous versions. That was my main problem with the Bandits so I'm really interested in this year's versions. I think we used to have a Rossi rep around here. Has anyone around here skied the new Bandits? The rep at the local show here was really proud of them but I'd sure like an unbiased opinion.
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