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Leading story on the US TV news tonight was the bad balance of trade figures. Seems they are importing more then they are exporting. Gee, really?!
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Originally Posted by verdugan
Oh please! Get off your high horse. Money/greed have no nationality. How about all the European companies that are moving production to Eastern Europe to take advantage of cheaper labor? Same thing happens in Asia with Japanease/Taiwanese/Honk Kong companies moving production to mainland China.
I didn't intended to insinuate that greed is a solely a US trait. However, living in California, you should be acutely aware of the illigal immigration 'problem' in the US (I don't consider it a problem, our country was founded on '..send us your weak, your downtrodden, your humbled masses...' I'm all for people seeking a better life). It isn't that we can't properly patrol our own boarders, it's that we don't want to, cheap labor and all. American corporations care about little more than the value of their stock.

By the way, it isn't my horse that's high.
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Clearing a few myths, i hope, not free of opinion though

First, sorry to hear. One would expect more open arrangements to help accomodate guests from all around the world.

I suppose we all would like liberal job markets which would give us cosmopolitan professionals, be it finance, be it ski instruction, the opportunity to work and live where ever we wanted, for whatever duration?
Reality check: Generally speaking, EU is for EU citizens (Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, GB, Ireland, Poland, Greece and more) while US is for US citizens. There's lot's of exceptions for workers with specific skills, e.g. nurses, tech, and various arrangements for apprenticeships, seasonal workers, NAFTA visa, investors visa, intra-corporate management visa, au pair etc. etc.

I am hard pressed to accept the flat notion of foreign programmers snatching tech jobs from US citizens. Defense contractors and similar are DESPERATE to hire qualified US citizens who can obtain security clearance. I would claim there's double the amount of job fairs pitching clearance jobs than general job fairs, in my area anyway. [Flame on]Get friggin clearance and you can make more money you could ever dream of working in the open job market with your outdated MVS/Cobol skills. [Flame off]

Dual citizenship is indeed kid's stuff if I remember right. There's the concept of two citizenships one can hold however. There's legal precedence which prevents the US from enforcing an exclusive interpretation of the Oath of Allegiance. The other side must play along as well, if for example you are a German citizen getting naturalized, you can keep German citizenship only if your "Antrag auf Beibehaltung der Deutschen Staatsbuergerschaft" gets approval by the German government. Not easy to pull off, BTW.

Let me make a claim that the dominant factor for Aussies and Kiwis working in Canada or the US in proportionally higher numbers is the language barrier, or lack thereof. I wonder how many Aussies and Kiwi's work on Quebec's mountains...

just my 2 cents
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It strikes me that folks are using the easy, and historically dangerous, precident of blaming. Blaming immigration policy, foreigners, Americans, ... It isolates an indentifiable segment of society, other than ones own, to hold responsible for society's or individuals' woes. Know the prevailing rules and adjust ones expectations, experience, skills, ... accordingly. Take personal responsibility. Here endeth the lecture :

Full disclosure - I received an extensive education and I've got a British/EU passport and a US passport and have had next to no problems getting legal work so perhaps I don't understand/appreciate the sentiment I think I've encountered here
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