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05/06 Blizzard titan 9

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Anyone been on these yet? They are green with a mini Austrian flag just ahead of the toe mount point at the edge. Come in 181 & 188 with the following sidecut: 126-92-116. thankx
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titan 9

I have skied them for a short day.
they are a very versatile and fun fat ski. I actually bought them based on knowing the old titan, and loving the new 181 length and dimensions and wasn't dissappointed.


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Thanks for the reply Holiday. Can you give me some details as to what your personal specs are (e.g. ht, wt, etc), what type of ski you might compare it to and what conditions you've ridden this in so far??

For comparison, I'm 5'9", 210 lbs and currently ski on Atomic REX's and Volkl G41s and I'm looking at pulling the trigger on a pair of 188's. Thanks, jennytalia.
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i'm 6 foot, 170,
level 9 skier, finesse skier,
skied this just in hard snow so far...

I just realized that my 181 may be a different dimension than the 188,
so my comparison may be useless to you,

i fell in love with a stocki yesterday,
so i'm actually selling my 181's to pick up a scott schmidt limited..
too small for you, but if you have any friends,
$375 w/ binding..
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thanx for the reply, good fortune on your Stocklis. Yes, the 181 is a ski of different sidecut dimensions--I think the waist is 82mm while the 188 is 92mm. Sidecut proportions appear roughly similar. 'ave a good season.
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They're quite stiff this year - they've been given another layer of metal and a beefier core - RIPPING sticks I would presume (haven't been on them yet) - they're as stiff as my legend Pros (possibly stiffer in the tip)...

...are you out West...if so, why not go a bit fatter to better compliment the REX/G4??
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Thanx X-ECer, glad to hear that they are the rippin'stick I thought they'd be. I'm going to pull the trigger on a pair of 188's and will take them to Utah at the start of the year. I'll post a review if everything works out alright.
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Originally Posted by jennytalia
Thanx X-ECer, glad to hear that they are the rippin'stick I thought they'd be. I'm going to pull the trigger on a pair of 188's and will take them to Utah at the start of the year. I'll post a review if everything works out alright.
I Demoed the Piss Green 188's @ Winter Park on Nov 26th. I did not ski it enough to Review it. 2 runs. It was very close to my 186 Legend Pro's. Nice Ski. Nice price.

If (You Are the MAN) you will be happy on these skis.
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Hey I just wanted to put out another observation I made regarding the Blizzard Titan 9 @ 188.

Sunday I skied with another local who had recently purchased these skis.

Mt. Rose, 3ft of new snow with a 2" breakable crust. Heavy cross winds and snowing app 3" per hour. Skiing mostly in tight tree lines lots of wind ridges snow features with hard wind crusted tops, 3 to 6 ft drops and 20 to 30" soft snow in the troughs and tree wells.

Skier: 50 years old, 6' 170 pounds. Life time skier (Recreational expert)

I followed him and observed. First run on skier chopped snow lots of tracks moguls forming large chunks of crust lying around. He maintains consistent GS turns at app 30 MPH down the entire run (I got beat up attempting to hang)

I lead him into a tight tree run with 4 or five ugly drop-offs.
When he passed me he had just hit a wind ridge and blew through the top 2 feet of the crown he landed about 15 feet past me in soft snow and then started cutting 5Meter turns around the trees in soft snow he was about knee deep into the snow maintaining a neutral to forward stance.

So I ask him what he thought.
Says best Skis he’s ever owned they have allowed him to ski 2 a level that he never thought he would go.

So these really are a very good all mountain big mountain ski, There are other skis that are very similar but @ a much higher price.

I kinda wish I had purchased the 400$ Titans ranther than the 800$ Legend Pro's
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up to date review of the blizzard titan xxl (last year's)

Hey, i work(ed) as a full time ski tech at last frontier heliskiing for the past five years. In those five years i've had the chance to demo the following boards. Volkl- explosive (180), vertigo cmh edition (180). Rossignol - xxx bandits circa 2000 (188), B3 (184). Volant old chubb (180/190), new chubb v2 genisis (186?). Atomic helistar (180), Beta REX (191). I weigh about 178 pounds, stick my feet into the garmont mega rides with a customized raichle tongue and bomber alpine version of the intuition liners...stiffens up the boots dramatically. I am a finesse skier. I live and ski primarily in northwestern british columbia where conditions range from bone dry baby's breath to epic storms of coastal cementons with everything in between and on top and underneath. Put it succinctly, very variable conditions. Perfect for allround testing of boards. My previous personal ski was the atomic rex 191. They lasted only a season before being relagated to expensive wall dressings. Their shortcomings: Too stif for touring boots. don't float in upside down powder. don't float in deep coastal cement. tips wander in denser new snow. tips deflect in windcrust. Tips nervous in raincrust. when skinning, low profile tips will catch on crust and frozen crowns, etc... , when skinning the stiffness of the ski combined with the relatively narrow dimensions usually submerge tips under crust. Get bounced around in moguls, rather than absorb the terrain undulations and features.

Pros: Carve like banshees inbounds. They're light on the feet for skinning uphill in perfect conditions.

I purchased some Blizzard titan xxl's 188cm's last spring, took em out on a few summer ski days, and wondered if i had made the right choice. on the firm firn snow i found that they overturned, felt overly damp and washed out the tails.....

I'm glad i was openminded and optimistic about real world winter condition performance. Quite simply, they're the best all round backcountry/ inbounds soft snow performance board i've ever skied. In ALL natural snow conditions they failed to fail in any situation. DEEP cementons-nice big shovel and moderate/soft flex provides great float. a bit of a turned up tail and just a hair less stiffness in the rear turns these babies into wicked floaters. In less than ideal snow like breakable rain, wind, temperature, anything crust, these boards just eat it up. They give consistent predicatable return of energy and always maintain directional stability without any tendency to twitch or get nervous. I always found that stiffer boards tend to deflect when not driven with stiff boots, and softer skis with any appreciable sidecut feel 'hooky'. Not so with the titans.

Nice terrain absorbtion and damp feel without feeling dead. If you load em up they will return the energy. As for prefered turn shape, they do favour midradius turns over really short swings, though it steep terrain in the trees, and deep snow, the ample sidecut really shines in helping bring the boards around and i never felt like i was overly working the ski to get em around. In groomed soft snow conditions, these puppies carve nicely when driven with a smooth intention. On hard snow, they skid predictively and given their damp nature, do it very smoothly. With sharpened edges (i usually keep mine untuned for the backcountry) their performance envelope expands and i found i could carve if i was careful with my edging.

The only conditions i haven't tried em in are firm bump runs, but given their dimensions, this would be out of their optimal condition range anyway.

It's really hard to adequately describe the feeling of confidence these skis impart, it's an intangible....kinda like driving a porsche...just a really ego boosting ride that truly does step up your skiing, like i read in someone elses post. I just hope Blizzard hasn't messed up a perfectly good product by putting more metal in it and wrecking a nicely balanced flex with the 2005/6 model...i guess time will tell.
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g.s Welcome to EPIC SKI

Nice comparison, This years Titan is stiffer they put some metal into to compete with the other Big Mountain Free ride offerings. It is torsionaly stiffer for shure,
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g.s., welcome to EpicSki! Great first post. Thanks!
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Wow that is a really nice review, well written and super informative, able to get a really strong understanding of the ski, this is what magazines should print.

The XXL you are referring to, that is the previous iteration of the current Titan Nine (181 and 188)? Except the Nine has more metal?

So the Titan Pro 193 is another beast altogether? Appears a bit wider and more beef.
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Titan XXL vs. Titan 9

Hi; yes the Blizzard Titan XXL is the white and black topsheeted, 2004/5 iteration of the Titan 9 of this year, minus one layer of metal and the colour of lime green. I'm not familiar with the pro model at all, except for what Ski Press Review said in their latest ski test. By the way, i find it interesting that the XXL's generally got lackluster reviews by the mags in the past, though the current Titan 9's fared better...and skis like the Atomic REX's were raved about, when in my real world conditions, i found the performance characteristics varied considerably from what was written. Guess it just rienforces the adage try before you buy, since skis do reactly differently to different skier styles and input.
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see the review I posted in answer to the review of last year's Titan XXL.
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