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I think I broke my binding

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ok this all started about a week or two ago. I went off a grind box and accidently went off the side and it popped off the ski.
(I have Marker 6.1 bindings) when I looked at the binding after I couldn't get them on the T pin underneath the heal piece that you step onto to make the brakes come up, had slid out of its slot. i slid it back in and since then every once in awhile when i take them off it would come off. tonight I hit a jump and didn't quite pull off my trick and once again popped the ski off. I put it on and when i got to the lodge and took it off I looked at it and the T pin had been bent over. i took it into the shop and they bent it back up(still a little bent). Now it fits in but I dont know if it is safe. I can shake that heal piece and the brakes more on that ski than the other. it doesnt seem to be a tight it seem to be a bit slopy (not the way the boot fits on just the parts them selves) so what do you guys think I should do? is it safe to ski on a few more days?

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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My daughter returned last night from a ski trip to Andorra with exactly the same problem (Marker 6.1's) - the ski brake mechanism keeps popping out of its location and blocking the ski boot location. It is easily relocated but a bit of a pain. Since the bindings are still under warranty and only having been used for 2 weeks in total its back to the shop tomorrow.

Just wondered if this is a fault with the bindings?

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I had the exact same problem with my Marker bindings, either 7.1 or 8.1 from 2 years ago. After the first time it happened it became a regular occurrence. A shop technician told me that my bindings may have not been mounted correctly and that that may have contributed to the problem- I'm not so sure about that one! I'm fairly certain, however, that Marker will replace these bindings if it's a persistent problem, at least this is what a couple of shops have led me to believe. Marker can also sent replacement parts to your shop (or they may already stock those parts) so that the heel pad mechanism can be repaired in toto.

It's probably okay to ski on these, I did for a short while, but I bet you will have more trouble with these bindings. Go to a ski shop and ask if they can replace these with new bindings or fix them. This may require a call to Marker's waranty dept. If the shop says "no", go to another until you've exhausted your options.

Fortunately for me, I lost my Markers when I sold them with my beginner skis. I now use Atomics (very nice, but I have minor issues with how they're engineered) and Salomon (excellent).

Good luck.

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well I took the Marker bindings back to the shop - wear and tear says the man! Now these bindings have been skied on for a grand total of 8 days from new. Rubbish say I at which point he takes a closer look and claims the brake has been bent (cleaning the snow off boots, hit a rock he suggests). Now my thoughts were that these things ought to be able to cope with some degree of attrition - I really didn't think we were into disposable bindings - use them a week and throw them away. I suggested he send them back to Marker for examination. After that the technician spoke to the manager who said for speed purposes they would replace the brake section free of charge.

A satisfactory ending but still no route cause explaination of the fault - the problem seemed to happen after my daughter had come out doing moguls - no rocks to hit anyware.

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Sounds like your persistance paid off. I suspect the tech didn't know what he was talking about and the manager knew how to take care of his customer. Good job.


What happened with your bindings? Did you take them back to the shop where you purchased. I suspect they might replace your's as well. It would be interesting to know if the Mfg will stand behind their equipment.
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