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To each his/her own deal here.......
This is my first season wearing a helmet. I have yet to take a major digger this season, so I know it is close on the horizon. I have not moved to wearing a helmet based on my personel traits of crashing and screwing myself up as much as the the fact that other people on the hill can be chowderheads at times. Last thing I need is to concour a head injury from some jackass not riding in control.
The helmet now after numerous days feels at home. It only takes a short time to adjust and then very soon afterwards you will start to feel naked without it.

Make your own decision, that's what America is all about. I am against a mandatory helmet law for ski area's but am in favor of helmet requirments for ski school kids.....

...you get no deals in America unless you ask........ <FONT size="1">

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dchan- thanks for the feedback regarding powder and helmets.

I didn't intend to restart the helmet/no helmet debates. Could easily clip all the "helmet war" stories out of bike mags and chats and paste them in here. But two that caught my attention are:

How do they refer to the helmetless cyclist in the emergency room? "the donor"


I don't know of anyone who will pay me to just sit around and drool.

In 45 years of skiing I only used a brain bucket when skiing GS or downhill. But "what if"?
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No one is going to like this-

Here's the facts: During the last 15 years less than 1/2% of all skiing and snowboarding injuries were head and neck!

The media loves a good scare story. It makes good copy! As well as teaching, I work at Gartsports at night. Before kennedy and Bono bought it there were no ski helmets on the floor. After... We had a 12 foot high wall, 30 ft. long filled with helmets, 3 or 4 deep on each pin, clear down to to floor and more in the store room. We sold every one of them!

Yet all of us claim we are never persuaded by the news or advertising!

The point is: On the groomed, helmut not really needed. If you jump, race, or in the outback among the trees- do the helmet.

BTW- a helmet does nothing for the neck. Kennedy's autopsy show he died of a broken neck. A helmet would not have saved him.

But then we get the age-old adage... It doesn't hurt to be safe. And there is no arguement for that.

manufacturers prey on our fear, and we respond. Like lambs to the slaughter we pull out our wallets, and the helmet manufacturers smile all the way to the bank! Read up on history. Everytime there has been some kind of scare, someone was standing right there to sell you something to aleviate your terror! (whether it works or not- most of the time it doesn't.)

Am I against helmets? No! Use them in the right place. On the groomed I wear my stupid beanie. In the outback, on goes the helmet.

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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Welcome Dawg!

We've been doing the helmet talk quite a bit this year. Here's one of the stories that we chewed on.

Helmets on groomers? Yep, higher chance of collision with someone else!


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Dirtsqueezer- Good to meetcha! True. In any sport there's a chance for accidents. I just think we've all gotten a bit OSHA conscious. <G> if one skis or boards safely there is little problem. However, I do concede that there is always that guy behind you, who plainly sees you, and runs into you anyway! AFter all... he owns the mountain, right? you shouldn't be there in his way! How dare you! <G> BTW How the hell do you get the smiley faces here?

If mothers really had their way we would be skiing in armor (padded armor), little side skis like training wheels,(front and back as well as on the sides), rear view mirrors, photo radar for the ski patrol, little scallops on the bases of skis to keep you from going too fast (like on xc skis only in reverse), seat belts on the chair lifts, and free chicken soup for everyone at the lodge.

Can anyone think up anything else I missed? hehehehe Just having fun here. Bob

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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somewhere we were talking about risk and costs. I think it was in a thread about doing inverts and how a lot of us older people were suggesting the use of a coach or other training equipment. I'll bring the same arguement here for my own choice. No one elses..
I feel that there is a certain risk in every thing we do. I also believe that if I have a way to "stack the deck" in my favor I'll do it. I needed a new hat besides. My favorite hat was getting ratty. A Helmet made sense and just put one more higher card in my side of the deck. I won't tell others they "need a helmet" It's their choice. For me, I'll take every advantage I can get. And it keeps me warm on cold ski days better than any hat I've ever owned..
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Smilies - check the FAQ's http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/faq.html


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Not all Leedom helmet sizes are Snell rated. The XXL size is the one size not carrying the Snell rating. I double checked this with Leedom. Supposedly, next year Leedom will have all sizes Snell rated.
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dchan- warmer head with helmet! Now THAT I'd go for! <G> Agreed- personal preference. It's just funny to see this little tykes in the 'starfish club' (3-5 yr.olds in a wedge, arms stuck out side ways, poles straight down, looking like a starfish, going a wooppin' 3 mph, and they're about 2 feet from the ground for falling! Cuter than hell!)with helmets on! but what the hell, that's life I guess. <G>

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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