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I need Mogul Skis

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I need help with a ski purchase I will be making within the month. I need to finally replace my 20-year old straights. I am 6'2", 200 lbs. I only ski 1 - 2 weeks per year in the Western US (I live in Florida). I need two sets of skis. One for the speedy GS Arcs on the Groomers that will also let me go into the woods on occasion (I am leaning toward the Volkl AC4 or 5-Star). I also need a ski that will be flexible on the bumps. I ski hard blue or flatter black bumps about 40% of the time. When I have the energy, I would strongly prefer the bumps.

I have no idea where to even start looking for a bump ski. Would this be a freestyle? Perhaps a softer and shorter all-mountain would meet my needs on the bumps. If so, that would influence my decision for my firmer/faster set (toward the 5* or even AllStars).

Any thoughts, particularly about mogul skis, will be appreciated.
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For a dedicated mogul ski, look no further than the Dynastar Twister. I bought mine 3 seasons ago - they rock in the bumps.

That's the "this is what I ski and why" part of the response. The "I'll try and be a little more impartial" section is next .

Most of the "park" & "twin-tip" skis are very good in moguls. I would actually suggest getting something in this catagory if you're looking for something that does well in moguls and that you can actually ski the rest of the mountain on. The Salomon 1040's and Dynaster Trouble-Makers are both twin-tip skis that I've been on before that are good in the moguls, but can also hold their own (actually tear up most of) on the rest of the mountain.

If you get a true, dedicated "mogul" ski - expect to not be able to demo it. Most shops (even in big resort towns) don't stock them (although they will order them for you), and so no demo for you (or me ). So, you're probably going to have to rely on 'expert' reviewer reports, or "regular schmo" reports - like me - who also won't be able to compare different models.

So, my review of the dynaster twisters. Me: 6'0", 190 - I *think* I have flashes of "damn, look at that guy ski" moments from time to time, but I think those are pretty rare and that I'm definitely more often the schlep who tries to stay out of the real experts way type of skier. I have the dynastar twisters in a 168.

Let's start there: the 168cm. The longest they make this ski is a 172. Now, as I said before, dedicated mogul skis are almost impossible to demo - so when I bought them I had to guess as to which length would work. I went with the 168 because they weren't the longest offered, but the second longest - and I figured "there's mogul skiers out there who are bigger and stronger than I am, so the 172 must be for them." I sometimes wonder if this wasn't a mistake. There are definitely times when I wonder if the 172 wouldn't have been a better choice - but I don't know, and couldn't have known, so oh well. You're a little heavier than I am, and definitely taller - if you're a very good mogul skier, I'd say go with the 172's.

Damn, I'm getting long winded. Anyway, to the rest of the review: these skis are good for one thing, and one thing only: moguls. They are very, very light (thin strips of maple set in foam make up the core), and can turn so fast your head would spin if you weren't so focused on the line of moguls that you're skiing.

These qualities: light, very quick from side to side & always wanting to turn, which make them great mogul skis, make them an awful ski for the rest of the mountain (except hardpack tree runs). They are the only skis that I've ever had that actually feel "jittery" on groomed snow. They can't cut through soft crud, let alone anything really nasty. They sink like stones in powder.

They also break down quickly due to their lightweight construction. Mine are almost completely decambered, and all totaled I probably have 35 to 45 days on them (if not a little less).

Summary: Only get this ski IF you have another ski in your quiver that you can quickly change to when you don't want to ski moguls anymore. If you fulfill that requirement, and understand that in order to enjoy anything on the mountain besides moguls that you will have to switch to your other skis, you couldn't go wrong with the twisters for a mogul ski. If you want a ski that performs very, very well in the moguls, but one that you can also take elsewhere on the mountain - look to a twin-tip ski like the 1040 or Trouble-Maker.

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