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Altering Icon Alu flex and forward lean

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After skiing flexons for most of my skiing days, I reluctantly decided on some Technica Icon Alu boots as I had exhausted all the spare parts for my flexons in Calgary. I picked the technica's as they have a good reputation and fit my feet much more comfortably than my flexons, however I find that I miss the softer consistent flex of the flexons, and the increased forward lean. Have any of you altered your Technica's to decrease the flex? How so did you accomplish it?
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Hi Roberto, at last year's EpicSki Academy, Bud Heishman took an angle grinder to my Icon Alu Comps to give me more flex

And this gives you an idea of what was removed:
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increase the F lean: add a small wedge behind the calf attach it to the shell.

do you want the tech stiffer or softer?:

stiffer, do the power strap around the liner only and buy a second one and attach around the shell.

softer: just the first power strap around liner only.
V notch the back
lower the F cuff height
what fox said

are you still in calgary?
If you need a hand I work at Ultimate fit center in banff ..

or the folks at ski cellar, techno, whats your racket, or Lou's (some goofy ideas, but overall safe)
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I hate to be a pesimist, but i have to say this: the Icons (except for the XT) do not have a very good flex pattern. They struggle with their flex. there is nothing you can do about it. Yes they are in the "Flex" position and i took out the inserts to soften it further. But this does not change the flex pattern. What actually change it was the Dual Pivot system. You know how it works. If you play with it, you will find that it affects the flex. At least it did for me. I found that the flex was smoother and even softer if i remember correctly (i played with it a long time ago and left it in that position ever since). IMO the Dual Pivot can be very helpful for some people.

Btw,Jeff Bergeron told me that the Krypton has the best flex pattern on the market.
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Thank's for the info guys,
I may try that angle grinding technique mentioned and mtlion I may just stop in as I have not had the best experience with Lou's.
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Btw, the Alu Comp is not what you would call a boot with an upright stance but it is not too forward, either. I was told that it has aprox. 2 degrees less fwd lean than the Diablos.

If you need more forward lean, try to adjust the rear spoiler. It has three positions. I found that if i took the spoiler out, i could tighten the strap better and this improved the wrap of the lower leg.
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