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What do you think its worth??

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Just curious, what do you think these are worth:

1997 K2 El Camino's 188cm
mounted on Marker m31's with EPS2 Plate.

They have maybe 10 uses on them and in very good shape. Perfect bases, never P-texed.

What would you expect to pay for these?
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The El Camino was a sweet ski. The M31's are a very good binding. Of course some would slam it because its DIN setting doesn't go clear up to 12. The M31 sold in the neighborhood of $150 or so, new. You can get those for about $89. or less. The El Camino was about $450-$500 or better, new, I think. Wasn't the El a quick turn/bump ski? A fun ski. You have a very good combo there. Should be able to get 1/2 to 3/4 price.
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I agree with everything you said about the El Camino except the ultimate street value in today's market.

The El Camino was the same geometry as the original Four (the one that *really* started the shaped ski movement in the US) with a slightly softer flex and without the pizza thingamajig. It was very popular with a knowledgeable niche who bought it for a bump/powder/crud ski that was smooth and easy to ski.

Using your (correct) numbers, however, would give you an original retail of a bit over $600. I don't think anyone is going to pay $300-400 today for that ski/binding combination. They are a minimum of four model years old, even if they've hardly been skied.

I think $150 to $200 is even kind of optimistic.

Just my opinion.

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Brand new ones on e-bay:

buy em for $195.

The highest bid on a completed auction for the new El Caminos was $127.50.

Used ones that sold for $38.76:

M31 bindings sold for $52.00

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Thanks for all the input guys. Im actually looking to sell these. My friend is using them tomorrow and he may buy them if he likes them, If he doesnt want them, any one near the Tahoe area want to make an offer? I prefer not to ship them but I will drive them to deliver if not too far.
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