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Schedule for ESA East

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Here's the agenda for ESA East:

Friday December 16

Arrivals in Stowe

Evening - Meet and Greet Charlie B’s Tavern at the Stoweflake

Saturday, December 17

7:30am – 8:30am – Breakfast – Spruce Base Lodge “Wedge” room

8:30am - 3:00pm – Ski with groups

3:30pm - 7:30pm – Apres ski at Charlie B’s – use of Stoweflake Spa facilities

3:30pm – 7:30pm – Video review with coach – Stoweflake Beatrice Room

7:30pm – 10:30pm – Dinner and Presentation – Stoweflake Stowe Room

Sunday, December 18

Breakfast on own, meet and ski with coaches as arranged by coach.

We waited until we could see how the snow-making and snowfall was coming along before making a final decision on where the breakfast would be (also, the Spruce Lodge was scheduled for demolition, but has had a stay of execution). I am happy to say that the snow is looking very good so far. The gondola is to open tomorrow and the new Quad on Spruce is scheduled for Wednesday.
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See you on Friday!
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It's looking good!
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It looks like this event will have the best conditions to date. I'm so envious! Nolo, we hope to hear your thoughts on eastern conditions and Stowe in particular. I'm hoping you'll find fresh powder or at least velvety packed with enough coverage to explore some tree runs.

Oboe, epic, KevinF, comprex, cgieb, teachski, foxhat and all the Bears I've met and skied with in past events, have fun, take photos and post your thoughts and pics. Take a run for me.
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Hi Springhill Crazie,

A family mishap prevents my attending after all, though it sounds like conditions would favor my skiing skills. I hope to attend next year.
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So sorry to hear, I hope all is well. My elbow mishap prevents me from attending this year and also threatens the rest of the season. Hopefully I'll be able to meet some Bears Jan. 8th for the third annual West Mid-Atlantic Gathering at Seven Springs.
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If you sign up do you have to stay at the stoweflake?

Also the use of the spa ..is this with the package? What is this?
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Originally Posted by SkierXMan
If you sign up do you have to stay at the stoweflake?

Also the use of the spa ..is this with the package? What is this?
You don't have to stay at the Stoweflake. Spa use is part of the package whether you are staying there or not. I'm not a spa guy, but the spa does look pretty sweet.
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I've been known to frequent spas.
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Originally Posted by epic
I'm not a spa guy, but the spa does look pretty sweet.
I've been to that spa, and it's *really* nice... can't remember the name of the cute blonde masseuse that worked on me afterward, but she was great too.
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I've been known to frequent spas.
I am going to miss watching you work the tub this time, Fox.
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nolo, Snowbird is not far away now. Same people, different tubs...
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.here's a straightforward question..will ESA be able to help me with this(in addition to coaching) problem? My MAIN issue right now is getting my boots set up correctly. I do not want to go to another shop and have them work on my boots without seing me ski. I understand the coaches and bootfitter will be watching the participants ski.

First 2 days out on the snow and last year's problem is happening again. As the day progressed and my confidence built up I started using my edges to initiate turns instead of skidding. I can turn to the left with edging...when I try to turn to the right my right foot will not edge or engage...period. I have to skid. It just wanders and likes to swing. I have to really lean to get contact. I believe perhaps my right leg is shorter than the left. I am pretty certain my right foot is canted to the right as well. I am positive this is an anatomical/boot fit issue and not just a technique issue. It is frustrating and want someone who knows what they are doing to assist.

I want my boots to work and I am tired of spending money on these dorkey boot shops around here.
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SkierXman - call PJ Dewey. Tell him what your deal is. You can find his # here - http://www.racestocksports.com/

Whether it is a pilot problem or a gear problem I am sure you can get it sorted. Doug Stewart will also be joining us and is an accomplished boot fitter as well. He has some interesting things to say on the subject too. If your edge won't engage at all, it seems to me that you should come early and have PJ assess you in the shop before hand and make changes then. It must be a big problem. Then do the clinic and see if you want to tweak in any small changes to the boot. It sounds to me like something is pretty messed up.

I'm outta here, no more internet for a week. I hope this helps, and I hope to see you at the Stoweflake on Friday evening.

btw - PJ did my Dobie 150s, they fit like a glove and I am better aligned than I have ever been before.
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I agree with Epic on both counts: 1) What you've described sounds extreme and 2) you should get it addressed ahead of time, then use the ESA for fine tuning.

Rules for getting boots fitted properly:

1) This is not done in OHIO! (The advice to not have your boots fitted when away from home, does not apply if you live in Ohio
2) Go when it's a slow time so you get the time and full attention needed = middle of the day Friday before the event and before weekenders arrive in the afternoon to get their last Sunday issues straightened out.

Ok, there may be more rules, but it's good start for this question
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cgeib. I am signing up. See you there if you go. Epic also put me in touch with PJ Dewey at his shop and he said he will see me Friday at 12:30. He says he will do the analysis and have the bootwork done by 2:30. I will then be able to use the boots Saturday and can make further tweaks from there based on what the coaches and bootfitter say on the hill.

I am positive though it's not just technique and there is something really funky going on with my right foot. When I edge left it is smooth as butter. When I try to edge right my right foot goes where it will and is all over the place and I have nill control over the edge. This problem all came out during lessons last year. I was just starting to learn to use my edges as a primary means of turning. My instructor also noticed something was not right and suspected it might be the boot as adjustments in technique were not working. That was at the end of the season and here I am now with the same problem.

Anyways, sorry to hijack the thread. Looking forward to attending the academy.
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That's not a highjack, SkierXMan, it's what this ESA Eastern Weekend is all about - technique AND on hill bootfit analysis. During the event, a really knowledgeable person will video your skiing and another really knowledgeable person - PJ Dewey - will be watching. After the first day of skiing, at the Stoweflake, you'll be able to see the video of your skiing, and PJ will tell you what he sees. Then, loosen up, join me and Wear the fox hat to hoist a few, and we'll be in great shape for dinner.

I look forward to seeing you there!
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
I've been to that spa, and it's *really* nice... can't remember the name of the cute blonde masseuse that worked on me afterward, but she was great too.
like . . . I really believe that you didn't get her phone number and can't remember her name.
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On a slightly related angle, I see from Stowe's website that holiday rates for lift tickets begin on Monday, the 19th. Also, they only list two-day ticket prices.

So, if one wanted to ski both Friday and Monday (the day before and the day after), any good insights on ticket deals ... this is all I could find?
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SkierXMan reports that the online registration form has a bug in it. I notified jstraw, who knows what the problem is but can't fix it until he returns home on Wednesday. In the meantime, if you wish to register, just drop me a line at academy@epicski.com and we'll do it manually.
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SkierX: Good for you! I cannot speak highly enough about the coaches I've been able to work with at these events. Conditions are looking really good up there and I would really like to explore Stowe a bit more. If you take up Oboe on that offer, watch out for Fox ...for some reason, I've yet to figure out, he's convinced that EVERYONE needs to buy him beer? ...note, I did not say "a" beer!
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Originally Posted by oboe
like . . . I really believe that you didn't get her phone number and can't remember her name.
...Sounds like a challenge...
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Originally Posted by cgeib
Fox ... EVERYONE needs to buy him beer ...note, I did not say "a" beer!
You learn well, young Jedi.
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Spinghill -- sorry I won't get to see and ski with you again this year. I had been looking forward to making some turns with you again, but I guess those plans will have to wait.
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Just completed registration. I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks and probably will head up to VT early for the boot work and some photography. I would like to take some images of Stowe and the surrounding area. I can't remember where the covered bridges are in VT(near Woodstock?) but would like to take some winter images. I have been through northern VT in the fall but never Winter.

btw OBOE..I went with the IM77..I can't believe how stable this ski is. I was getting thrown around on my Fischers in the afternoon crud here but the 77 didn't even flinch. It is also a lot more lively than the IM75 I tried last year. I am highly impressed. They are so stable you could probably fall asleep on these skis if you wanted to. The only negative I noticed is the tails are stiffer than what I am used to being on and it took a little adjustment. If you don't stay forward you end up riding Switch. Speaking of which I also found out these skis don't do a bad job of riding switch even though the tail is only turned up a tad.
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Is anyone planning on skiing at Stowe on Friday? My plans aren't fully decided (other then that I will be skiing somewhere on Friday !), but if anybody's going to be skiing Stowe on Friday and wants to hook up for some turns, let me know.
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KevinF, I'm still undedcided (due to the 1/2 day lift ticket price). I should be in Stowe by 11:00 AM if all goes well and was seriously considering making a few turns in the afternoon as I have only 2 days in so far this season. We'll see!


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The schedule posted at the top of this thread is 1/2 hour off the one I received through e-mail. Which is correct?
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Originally Posted by SKI-3PO
The schedule posted at the top of this thread is 1/2 hour off the one I received through e-mail. Which is correct?
I noticed that, too.
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