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Hunter or Windham?

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I was going to go to Hunter Sunday....but

1. I am skiing with my 9 year old

2. First day "back in the boots"

3. Hunter is having a Demo weekend.

4. The crowd at Hunter tends to be more aggressive and pushy

But..they have more of the green and blue trails open than Windham . It is our first day skiing agin for the season. She has new skiis and boots, and we both need to shake out the cobwebs and find our "edge" again.

We're just looking to "warm up" and get our ski legs again. Since we are both rusty from last season, we just want to take it easy and get as much of the easier trails under our belts as possible. I am looking for ski time with less lift lines.

What is my better bet?

Thanks in advance.
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I'd guess the number of people would certainly be higher at Hunter, but since they will also have more terrain open, the skier density may end up being about the same. I was going to suggest Belleayre, but it looks like they have even less open than the 2 you're looking at. To kind of answer the question, if you're leaning toward more greens, I'd go to Hunter and stay on Hunter One. If you lean toward more blues, I'd go to Windham.
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I figures she'd take a few runs on the greens and they we'd find the blues for teh remainder of the day.

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