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Just bought Lange Comp 120s MF 1 size too small

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And they fit perfectly. Last years model. $325 on eBay. Got them in size 9.5 and I wear a 10.5 (sometimes 11) street shoe. I'm amazed at 2 things:

1. I'm amazed at myself for wearing 28.5 boots for so many years. I'm an idiot. These things fit soooo much better around all parts of my foot and calf. I was swimming in my other boots and I didn't know any better.

2. Why the Hell would Lange say that these are 9.5? They're obviously for people with size 10.5 feet.

Anywho. One size smaller may not work for everyone, but it works for me.

Not only is the Internet the source of all Truth and Knowledge, it can also solve the eons old mystery of correctly fitting ski boots. Don't try this at home.

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Damn it!
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Originally Posted by gtdrew
Yup, ya beat me to it
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Originally Posted by fyton2v
Damn it!
Don't feel bad, we've all been there
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Size isn't standardized. There is a reason while no one on these boards says recommends a boot without telling you to go to a shop and gets what fits best, its becasue we aren't dealing with tennis shoes here.

I really hope before the season is over we can get another 6 or 7 of these threads "WHY ISNT THE SIZE RIGHT???!!!!1111oneoneone." :roll:
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So, big deal. Like, you are so frugal that you don't blow the difference in cost over god knows what over the course of a year.

I got my Lange 120 Comp MF from a great boot fitter - Benny Wax - a full size smaller than anything I've worn in 15 years. I LOVE THEM!

The skier is the same. The skis are the same. The boots are the Langes. I ski so much better, have so much more fun, have so much more confidence.

Vive Lange!
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Sorry, I almost didnt post it. I bought CRL 90's for $179 and almost regret it after finding that deal. Have to be careful with Ebay. I see stuff going for well above what you can find online all the time.

I wear a 13 shoe and went with a size 11.5 in the Langes (which apparently is identical to the size 11).
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Reading the title I was thinking "yeah, that's about right, whats the problem?". I think most people are in boots that are too big for them.
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I've got you beat on the size thing. Last year I picked up some size 9 (27)solomon pro model spaceframes. My normal shoe size ranges from an 11-11.5. As a disclamer though, I got custom insoles so it is more or less a size 27.5 boot (9.5) (they have the same size shell). Also, the boot choice came down to the lange 120's and the solomons. The bootfitter wanted to get me into the langes because it would give him an oppurtinity to "get" the boot to fit me. I declined. Whereas the lange had hotspots in the shop, the solomons were just snug all around. After a truncated Oregon season last year I still haven't had any issues except that I have to wear the thinnest socks on the market in order to keep my feet from going numb (not thinnest ski socks, but thinnest socks period.) I guess that just means the boots are really dialed in.
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Alot of the stuff you see on Ebay is actually the stuff you see at deep discount on Backcountry, Overstock, etc. These people don't have the product in stock. After you make your purchase they buy it and have it sent directly to you. It's basically manual drop shipping.

Before you buy anything on Ebay always use one of the price comparison sites and also check on the big sites for sales. You might be surprised.
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The sizes written on the boxes of ski boots is not intended to correspond to American shoe sizes.

Never has............probably never will.

Trying to buy boots online with your shoe size as a reference is potentially about the worst form of self inflicted punishment that I can imagine.

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