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need some screws

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sourcing mounting screws


I'm looking to play with some lifters in the front & lowing my heels a little, so I need some long & some short screws!!!!

Anyone got a source?

FYI: I'm using the look binding

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You might try #10 flat head sheet metal screws (aka self tapping screws) that you can get at any hardware store, Home Depot, or Lowes. They come in all lengths; the smallest might be 1/2". If that's to long, you can snip off the point. If you've got existing holes that were drilled for the original metric screws, then you might find that the #10's are too thin or you might find that they are okay. You'll know that their too thin if they screw in too easily. In my opinion, #10 flat head sheet metal screws are so easy to get and inexpensive that it's worth trying. If they don't work out, then you might want to try a ski shop.
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I got a bunch. PM me your address. Or I will be up next weekend if you can wait till then.
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I had the same problem with my Rossignol bindings. I was told to use factory screws with Rossi/Looks because the pitch & depth of the thread is unique.

I went to my local specialty ski shop (Viking in Chicago) and asked for screws. They came back with a 20 Lbs box full of screws (many sets in their own bag) and it took about 5 minutes to find what I needed.

They charged me $5.

If you are reinstalling, using the same holes in your ski, try to carefully match the pitch and thread depth of the original screw. You might also use a drop (and I mean an tiny drop) of epoxy to help fill the hole and assure a tight bond between the screw and ski.

What did you use as a lifter?


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