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What skis for the truly "average" skier?

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We have all kinds of great skis for great skiers. But let's say you have a friend, she loves to ski, but she is, and likely will be, "average". She skis maybe 25 times a season - sometimes more, sometimes a little less. Also, she likes to try most types of slopes, but she really wants to do better in bumps and narrow windy trails. She is a northern New England skier. Thanks for reading that. Now, just exchange the pronouns - "she" becomes "he", but everything else is the same. What model ski do you recommend for her - and for him? She is 5' 4" tall and weighs 130. He is 5'9" tall and weighs 150. Please include ski length in your recommnedations for these folks, and also for their very similar friends - the female friend is 5' tall and weighs 110, and the male friend is 5'8" tall and weighs 140. All each of these four folks want is a "one ski quiver." Your recommendations, please.
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try these skis.
they are great all around skis.
the V-carve 200 comes in a mens and women's stiffness.
Plasma edge, holds a sharp edge a long time.
I assume there is often ice up there?
It is a wood core ski.

Bindings- I like marker, dislike salomon.
boots- Technica for mr, but whatever fits best.web page
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zeek, thanks for the suggestion. I really don't know much about Fischers and don't see them in the stores here. The SAM [short all mountain], with its short length and big width, is definitely one I'd like to try, but I have no idea where. By the way, when you're at Brandywine, look up Kurt Reno and get a lesson - no matter how good you may be, you'll learn something you like.
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Sounds like this person is not especially concerned with what they ski on. If thats the case, just avoid entry level and race skis. This leaves 80% of the skis on the marker. With that said, buy something on close out, last years or even sonething 2 years old. If they are skiing on the east look for dimensions like:
Tip: 100-105mm
Waste: 62-68mm
Tail: 90-95mm

You should be able to get skis for about $300.00 or less. Volant Power and SuperKarves are great East coast skis because they hold the hard snow very well.

Just my 2 cents.
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Phil! You recommend Volants! What a surprise! Seriously, thanks for your input. Just to clarify, these people DO really care what they ski on, and I also really care what they ski on. Finding the best stix comes first, and then we try to get the best deals. However, if the ski is right, it doesn't matter whether it's this model year or last model year. I, for example, would love to find a 167 cm pair of last years K2 Mod 7/8 for less, rather than this years K2 Axis [same ski, different color] for more.

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Try these out:

not sure abou these but they look right to me:

Hope that helps you out a little bit. I dont knwo if youre interested in ebay shopping at all or not... I couldnt find any k2 mod 7/8 or this years axis, but i tried.

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Thanks, Helluvaskier, that's a helluva job! I appreciate that!
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Oboe, give Chris at Outlet Sports Northwest in Centralia, WA a call. 360.330.1310
I recall seeing some of last year's Mods so they might have the size you are looking for.

"I, for example, would love to find a 167 cm pair of last years K2 Mod 7/8 for less,"
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I convinced my parents to try some Rossignol Rebels. They are in their low 60's and had long heavy volkls and volants. Nice skis but not appropriate anymore. They love the wide open uncrowded greens on a blue sky day. The Rebels are light and very easy to turn yet havea bit of girth so one can take them into some crud if desired.
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You seemed to be enamored with the Rossi T-Power Cobra last year. I tried them and had a great time on them. They were reasonable edge to edge, turned like "weasels in a drainpipe" and didn't mind the mashed potatos. Seems like a short for him and shorter for her would be worth a try.
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Oboe, I would try the Rossi Saphire for her and the Atomic 9.12 for him. By the way, I do ski with zeek.

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Pierre eh! I went to the Atomic site and could not locate a 9.12. Where can I see info on that?
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Found it! It was where I least expected to find it - in with the race skis. It comes in short lengths, and I'm not sure that they're comparable to the T-Power series lengths. My Rossi T-Powers are 160 cm. How does that relate in length to the Atomic 9.12? The 9.12 is a much wider ski than the T-Power. Comparing it to my T-Power, how does it handle foot deep powder, and how does it handle chopped crud? and does it require Atomic bindings?

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In addition to those already mentioned your friends might want to try the following ski's :-

Atomic 9.18 (male and female model available)
Dynastar Autodrive Speed SX
K2 Escape 5500
T-Power Viper X (heard it is very good in the bumps)
Volkl Vertigo Motion
Head Cyber XP70Ti or XP80Ti

The Atomic 9.12 is a great ski but It might be too much shovel in the bumps.

I recommend renting ski's from a shortlist in different lengths.

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I know Kurt Reno.
I teach or used to teach there with him.
I don't know if I'll be back there this year or not. He's one of the few instructors that will ski bump runs with me.
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Oboe you might want to check out what Peter Keelty has to say about the 9.12 www.peterkeelty.com
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Pierre, eh! Yes, I actually DID check out Keelty's site, and frankly, the 9.12 sounds like a really exciting ski. I still can't figure out the length thing, though, since it does come in a series of really short lengths and may require a shorter length than even other shorty slaloms. For example, My Rossi T-Powers are 160, but that seems like one of the LONGER lengths for the Atomic 9.12. So would a person happy with a 160 T-Power want the same length in the Atomic 9.12, or shorter? Also, I'm still not able to figure out if these require the Atomic bindngs or if any other bindings may be mounted on them. By the way, it was also Keelty's site which, along with others, got me thinking about the New Rossi Bandit X.

Hey, helluvaskier, you're working overtime! Thanks! But when I went to that site on e-bay, they never mentioned the length.
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Oboe I would go with the 150cm length for you. They may not be as good in heavy snow but very enjoyable on the groomed.
Don't be afraid of the Atomic binding. They have the lowest delta of any binding on the market and are more like the demo bindings.
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Pierre, eh! That's an interesting answer, and my hunch was correct. Now, if these were to be the "one-and-only" for ALL conditions, including deep snow, are these still "the skis", and is 150 still the length?
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Oboe there is no one ski for every condition. My recomendation to you would be the 9.12 for most conditions and a pair of short Volant Chubbs for crud and deep snow. Then you would be close for every condition.
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Oboe --

According to every review I've read (and I've read quite a few), the best choice available now is the K2 Escape 5500. Tolerates intermediate errors, responds to expert input, and has a low price. I don't know if any other ski on the market can come close at the same price.
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Pierre, what is it like for YOU to ski the 9.12 in bumps?
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milesb, I am a very poor judge of how a ski handles in the bumps. I think they are all fantastic in the bumps. I haven't met a bump I didn't like. The worse the ski is rated in the mags the more I seem to like it. :

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OK, never mind about the bumps, then - how deep must the snow be before the 9.12 should be replaced by the Chubbs?
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I'm going to put my two cents here.

1st couple

For her, Atomic Smartzone 170cm.
For him, Atomic Smartzone PC 180cm.

2nd couple

For her, Atomic Smartzone 160cm.
For him, Atomic Smartzone PC 170cm.

No need to worry about which binding to use, since the skis come pre-mounted at the factory. These are wonderful skis, that I played around with on when I skied with my parents. Mom tried a pair and now wants some too.

Head to the Atomic site at www.atomicsnow.com for info.
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I'll back up Gonzo on the K2 Escape 5500. It is a very fun and forgiving board. I would also consider the 4500, and yes the Axis. However the axis @ 111/70/101 is a little slow edge to edge compared to the Escape series skis.

Escape 5500 - 107/68/97
4500 - 105/68/95

If she want to get the most advantage in crud and pow then the Axis would be the best bet, but for all around and groomer performance one of the Escapes would fit the bill.
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