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Best Pocono Area for a Child

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Any advice on which moutain in the Poconos(or Vernon Valley?) is best to introduce a 2 1/2 year old to skiing? Basicly, i have a day to kill near by and figured it would be fun to take my daughter up and introduce her to skiing. Anyone know which mountains have a seperate beginner hill(walk up or magic carpet) that would work? I remember from my youth a few even had free or discounted tickets for the beginer hill. Seems like a waste to buy 2 adults and a child ticket to try out a couple runs. I cant imagine we will keep her attention for more than an hour. But figured it would be fun to get her on skis and let her see others doing it. Thanks

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I'd recommend Hidden Valley in NJ. It's a small area with a totally separate beginners run with its own lift. I started bringing my (then 4 1/2 yr old) there last season. The parking lot is close to the base lodge (unlike Mountain Creek aka Vernon Valley). Prices were reasonable, both lift tickets & food, kids ski free.

We only went on Sunday's, and it was never crowded.

Have fun.
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Thanks. I think i will give that a try. Like i said, i dont expect to accomplish much. Just a few hours at a mountain and a couple turns. At 2 1/2 i dont really expect more.
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I suggest Jack Frost. It is a left to right area. All the way over on the left is the beginner trails and as you move right the trails get harder. This way you do not have "experts" flying down the trails you are on.
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We are big fans of hidden valley also.. small, never too crowded, and doesnt attract meatheads!

We will be there tomorrow for opening weekend
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There is always Hunter, its like throwing them into the deep end of the pool

Actaully Belleyrre might be another great choice?
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I started my daughter at 3 and for several years thereafter (until she got bored with green circle trails) took her on a regular basis to Sterling Forest in Tuxedo, NY. Unfortunately, it closed its doors last year. It was tiny, but had the advantage of being a little less than an hour's drive from our home in Queens (an important consideration when you're driving and there's no one with you to entertain your child), no surface lifts, and, to the best of my knowledge, maybe one trail with anything that she found even remotely scary.

There is another small area, Mount Peter, maybe 15 minutes farther down Route 17A in Warwick. I've never skiied there (thanks to a college buddy, I didn't pay at Sterling Forest, and was never that curious to check it out), but it looks similar. Ticket prices look reasonable too. See http://www.mtpeter.com
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We are at Hidden Valley today.. it is busy, as busy as we have ever seen it, but no more than 10mins wait for a lift..only the beginner slope is open, though there are rumors of more opening tomorrow

Heard some people talking and saying that they couldnt even find parking at Mountain Creek so they gave up and came here
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