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Atomic B5:3 Girlie

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Hi all,

I feel so thankful I find the forum!! I love this kind of community website.

I have quick question please. I would like to hear your opinion on Atomic B5:3 Girlie. I know it's a beginner/intermediate ski BUT it's so pretty to me....

I ski for 3 seasons now, starting from crying on the slope because I hate hurting myself to wanting to ski every week! I live in the Bay Area and ski in Tahoe most of the times. I'm not ski expert by all mean. I just have fun skiing, normally on blue, black sometimes and some moguls. I don't like to go fast either since I don't want to fall and am afraid of hurting myself.

I love matching things and this ski match my jacket, hat, goggle perfectly! I know I'm crazy. I'm 5'2", 100lb.

I now have Atomic B:7 girlie. It's last year Atomic with orange flower. I love ski on it but I feel like 148cm is too long for me. I want to get this Atomic B5:3 girlie in 141cm.

Do you know if I should get the same feeling skiing on this new B5:3? What do you think about this ski? Thank you very much for your input....
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Given Atomic's description: "The B5:3 is the ideal ski for trend-conscious uncomplicated young women who want just these characteristics from their equipment. The new light-weight B5:3 is effortless to ride, easy to handle, tolerant and easy to master." it seems like what you want...
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