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Weird demo experience

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Sounds that when they were re-tuned that they were over base beveled.
I've noticed that skis right out of the wrapper have very little apparent base bevel. Some, but not a lot.
Less base bevel = quicker hook up..............
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I agree who ever tuned them screwed them up. I remember one Volant I demoed at the mountain, they were there for a free demo.

When I got off the lift the skis wanted to do there own thing. I took them back and told the tech. that there is something wrong with these skis. He wasn't to sure at first, until I pointed out that the edge bevel appeared the be at three different angles on one edge along, He appolizied and put the skis back in the van.

If a ski feels hard to turn, there is most likely something wrong with the tune. On one is perfect.

My new G3's came from the factory with a funny feel the first day,I took them home and put a flat bar on them and sure enough they were flat. I put a 1 base and 2 edge and have been happy ever since. In fact I'm begining to think I may have more then a 1 degree base. I have to get my feet more to the side to get the edges to hook up. That is not a problem, one of the other plus's is they are great in the bumps. I have friends that ask how did you get so good in the bumps so quickly. Must be the skis...
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Funny thing is, the Atomic's were right out of the wrapper. As far as I know, I was the first guy on them, and I think I was skiing the factory tune (assuming there was one). I was thinking that maybe the Atomic was just such a powerful ski that I didn't have the power to make it hold on hard snow, but that logic probably doesn't make sense if I can ski other top GS skis without any apparent problems. Anyone know if the Atomic comes tuned or not?
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My son's new R11's were great right out of the box, He got them on pro form so they came to our house and we had them mounded at a local shop while I waited. They were factory turned and were great. I skied them at Okemo the day after he spent a day on them. I skied them down from the B Quad to the Surgar House and then jumped on to my New G3's. See my last post for that story.

He skied my G3's last Saturday and asked if I have something other then 1 degree base. I think I do. That could be why they are so good in the bumps. Seems the Magazine reviews didn't like the G3 in the bumps.

As before, no one is perfect. My G3's were still in the wrapper when I got them. My G30's and a friend's V30/30's were great the first few day on them years ago. We both had season tunes, dropped both skis off, when we skied the next day both skis felt funny, we took them back, told the tech what we felt, he fixed them and we were happy. No one is perfect.

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Weird demo experience

Recently, I have been demoing quite a few GS race skis. Most held like glue when up on edge, but two felt really weird and wanted to constantly give way-the Atomic GS11 and Dynastar Course.

When I skied the Atomic, the ski was totally unpredictable-I had to get tons of pressure on the outside ski to get it to hook up. It was like I was skiing an old stiff straight ski. When it did hook up, it hooked up violently, then would break away just as quick. I pretty much had to have my inside shoulder over the outside ski (way exaggerated countering) to pressure the ski enough to hold on hardpack. In contrast to the Fischer GS (the GS ski I have spent the most time on) the Atomic just wasn't predictable at all. On the Fischer, when I get forward on the ski and drive it, the ski gives you a very solid, predictable platform and edge hold. Obviously, the Atomic and Fischer will feel different, but I would think that they would be equal in terms of hard snow grip. Was the poor performance of the Atomic due to tune, or some other reason?

Today, I skied the Dynastar Course, and had the same problem. Lay the ski over on edge, and nothing happens. Except these skis didn't want to hook up, no matter how much pressure I gave them. The skis start to slide, when the Fischers would be holding a clean arc with less pressure than I was giving to the Dynastar.

Are these experiences due to ski design, tune, or other factors? I would think that if I have adequate edge angle and pressure on a ski, it would hold on hard snow. I can get my 75mm waisted all-mountain skis to hold way better than either of these two models did on hard snow, so something is wrong somewhere. I would like to know what, in case I run into this problem again, perhaps with a ski I have just purchased.
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I got 3 new pair of Atomics this year and probably skied 6 or7 other pair of next years right out of the box. One pair of mine needed work for sure, another pair skied surprisingly well but were pretty railed the other pair were good. Used to be everything needed tuning out of the box, it's much better now but no guarantees. The SX 11 is lots of ski with a lot of sidecut you need to be careful with at GS speed. The tail flares quite a bit and all and all a bad tune would make it feel pretty awful quite easily. I'd say the same for the Dynastar, usually they initiate real easy and smooth and come around nicely. They both sound like tune issues to me as well. Bad way to run a demo isn't it?!
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I would guess that the Atomic GS-11 had a non-factory tune. Increasing or eliminating the base edge bevel will make the ski do weird things. Improper edge finishing after tuning will also make the ski go wacky. I have always unwrapped and skied Atomic skis.

As a side note. Even if you were the first person to ski the Atomic, they (the shop or whomever the demoer is) may have done work before you got them. Without seeing the ski, I can't confirm either way.
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Well, the shop said that they just took the ski out of the plastic and mounted bindings on it, no extra tuning done. I was then the first person to ski it. It did feel like I need really exaggerated countering and angulation to get the ski to hook up at all, if that helps with tuning symptoms.
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