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European Rescue Insurance?

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Where can one purchase good ski rescue insurance for a trip to Austria?
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carre neige, its french but applicable europewide
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Travel Insurance

You should be able to pay for "cancellation insurance" through your hotel (or try the e-mail link at the bottom of my post). For 5% of the booked journey, it covers a bunch of cancellation possibililties -- I like the "application for divorce" scenario -- and includes mountain search and rescue. Here's the English translation (kinda clumsy, but you'll get the picture) of the info sheet:

Dear Guest,

As the saying goes, the best laid plans often go awry. Whether you have to cancel your complete holiday or return home earlier than planned - it is best to play it safe and book travel insurance at the same time as your holiday.

This insurance package was designed especially for your holiday in Austria and includes the following benefits:

1. Cancellation cover if you are unable to make the trip:
Cancellation fee reimbursement if you are unable to make the trip up to the value of the journey booked (without excess).

2. Termination of your journey:
Reimbursement of the booked but unused part of the arrangement up to the value of the journey booked (without excess)

3. Delayed commencement of your booked stay:
a. If the journey to your holiday location is delayed through no fault of your own (e.g. car breakdown): reimbursement of costs incurred en route for overnight board and lodging.

b. Due to a natural event on location (avalanche, landslide, etc.): reimbursement of costs incurred for overnight board and lodging due to
closed roads up to 20 % of the value of the booked trip, max. € 365

4. If you have to extend your stay involuntarily due to accident, illness or a natural event:
reimbursement of additional costs incurred on location (incl. meals) up to 50 % of the value of the booked trip, max. € 2.000

5. Search and rescue costs
In case of distress at sea or in the mountains (including helicopter rescue) up to € 7.500. These events are covered for the insured person, insured members of their family, and a maximum of three other insured persons partaking in the journey as long as the trip was booked collectively. The following persons are considered to be family members: the insured person's spouse (or live-in partner), children (step-children, children-in-law, and grandchildren), parents (step-parents, parents-in-law, and grandparents), and siblings.

Premium: The insurance premium is 5% of the cost of the booked journey.
Example: Cost of journey € 1.000,- x 5% = € 50,- insurance premium
Maximum duration of stay is 31 days. Please note that the maximum insurable travel cost (maximum insured amount) is limited to € 3.500,- per person and € 7.500,- per booking.

Insured reasons for cancellation and termination of the journey:
1. *Unexpected serious illness of the insured guest. A pregnancy determined after the journey has been booked is
also recognised as a reason for inability to travel;

2. *Serious accident or death of the insured guest;

3. *Death, serious accident or unexpected serious illness of a family member (spouse or live-in partner, parents, grandparents, step-parents, parents-in-law, siblings, children, step-children, children-in-law, grandchildren);

4. Significant damage to the guest's property at his place of residence due to a natural event (e.g. fire) or criminal
damage caused by a third party necessitating his presence;

5. job loss through no fault of the guest due to termination of employment by the guest's employer;

6. A call to military or civilian service on condition that the competent authority will not accept the booked journey as
reason for postponing the call;

7. Submitting an application for divorce prior to the commencement of a joint journey by the partners in marriage;

8. Failing to pass a graduation examination immediately prior to an insured journey booked before the examination was held;

9. The unexpected receipt of a court summons on condition that the competent court will not accept the journey booked by the guest as a reason to postpone the summons.

*Medical events leading to insurance claims must be confirmed in writing by the attending physician. Please note: existing medical conditions (but see Section 4, Point.2 ERV-RVB Hotellerie 2005) are only insured if they
unexpectedly become acute.

Conclusion of insurance coverage must occur simultaneously with either the booking or down payment (whenever the booking does not occur until down payment has been received). Insurance coverage will not begin until 10 days after conclusion if conclusion occurs at a later date.

Europäische Reiseversicherung AG
e-mail: info@europaeische.at
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I am a member of the american alpine club http://www.americanalpineclub.org/ and one of the benefits of membership is worldwide rescue insurance on peaks up to 6,000 meters. I've enjoyed my membership and fortunately have not had to use the rescue insurance but it's certainly nice to have while ski touring in the US or the Alps.
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Originally Posted by paulhothersall
carre neige, its french but applicable europewide
Where can you buy carre neige? I know you can buy it at French resorts, but how about from the US?
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carre neige

off the website (google is your friend) IIRC
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Here's some info on Carte Neige...
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