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Mounting Position [on skis, haha]

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My karmas are 177 and I am 5'9" 165-170lbs. I am probably at a skill level of 7/8. If I were to mount my karmas on the freestyle mark will that hinder me a great deal when I am doing all mountain terrain, like, powder? moguls? glades?

Pray for Snow,
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What's your boot sole length?
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With a shorter boot sole length (which yours is) I think you would be fine with a more forward mount position (like the freestyle mark). Volkls are notoriously marked very rearward compared to most skis. Search on "Ball of Foot" or BoF mounting positions and then check where the freestyle mark lands against the center of the running length.
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Mounting position for Volkl Karma

Hi Folks,

Cirquerider was kind enough to send me the Volkl manual which tells us that the 177cm Karmas works best for “all mountain/powder” with the centerline of the boot set at 770mm from the tail of the ski. It also says that the “jib/park” position should have the centerline of the boot set at 810mm from the tail of the ski. Therefore, I installed a pair of Tyrolia Railflex ll LD 12 bindings which have a wonderful feature whereby you can easily move the binding 3cm forward or backward while on the hill. I have the bindings mounted so that when they are in the rearmost position the centerline on my boot is 770mm from the tail of the ski in what Volkl calls the all mountain mount position. Whenever I want I can move the binding, using just a screw driver, forward by 3cm and therefore be just 1cm short of what Volkl calls the jib mount position. Obviously, through the use of these bindings, I’m trying to get the most flexibility out of the ski to enhance its performance in both powder as well as the park. I hope the preceeding information helps in your decision about where to mount your bindings.


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Wow - 33mm is a fairly huge jump in mount positions and would radically change the way a ski would ride. Please remember though that although these numbers "sound like" absolute measurements they still come from the manufacturer based on the average sized skier (whatever that is). If you're not "average" then I will always recommend checking how the BoF method compares to the manufacturer's "suggested" midsole mark(s).
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How does the "Balls of Foot" method work? and how do I go about doing it?

Yeh, there is a large seperation between the two lines (FR and FS), 4 cm to be exact. With that being said, and considering I am 5,9-5,10 and 165 lbs with a boot sole length of 304, and the skis are 177, do you still think that mounting on the FS mark would have little affect on my all mountain skiing (moguls, powder, tight turns through trees, etc.)?

What about mounting it maybe 2+ cm in front of the FR line, so I would right in the middle of the FR and FS lines, would I still be able to do stuff in the park?

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I'd be going with a BoF estimation rather than "winging" it by guessing somewhere between the lines.

Here's a link to a previous thread where we discussed this stuff and I posted my method: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...&highlight=bof

Note that the hardest part of the method is determining where the ball of your foot falls in the boot shell when you're buckled in - that's why this method is not 100% precise. There have also been some discussions that modern skis (coupled with modern technique) are driven more from the arch of the foot rather than the ball, thus making the whole BoF method less applicable. My experience with fore/aft positioning adjustments has been very positive though.

The main issue is that depending on your foot size the distance between the ball of your foot and the midpoint of your foot will vary. People with larger feet will naturally have the ball of their foot further forward on a ski than people with small feet (if they both mounted at the marked midsole point).

I have moved bindings both forward and rearward to "dial in" the ski's performance. This does so much for changing the character of a ski that I now mount plates on almost all of my skis to allow easier adjustment of the bindings both fore and aft.
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Would BoF mounting position work equally good in powder and moguls? Do I need to compensate for the twin tip in powder?
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On the mogul side of the equation my experience says yes - very good. For a ski that will be used predominantly in deep snow I don't have as much experience. You can certainly make the case that in deep snow conditions the sidecut of the ski has less to do with making turns, thus a BoF mount would have less of an affect in regards to "activating" the sidecut for you. The change in fore/aft positioning would have a far greater impact on fore/aft balance in deep snow conditions so I would be more concerned with achieving a balanced position on the ski so that I wouldn't have to lean back on the tails to keep the ski tips floating (that's a major baddy).

For twin tips the measurement of the contact length (or running surface) will take into account the lack of contact from the "twinned" tail so I don't think there's anything additional that you would need to be concerned with. Note though that the twin will present additional surface area in deep snow since you're dealing with "3D" conditions. As long as the tip and the tail have identical upward curvature it should work out just fine.
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Originally Posted by stroller View Post
Do I need to compensate for the twin tip in powder?
If the mount is way forward, aside from the tip dive/balance problem mentioned above, there is the possibility of crossing your tails when using a narrow stance.
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I ride my 173cm CMH Explosives in BOF position in all condition but deep powder.
They feel this way much better then set on the mark.
In deep powder I set them on the mark which happens to be 3cm back of my BOF position. Definitely go back a little for powder – tips do not dive like in BOF position.
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I've skied BoF in deep powder, and it depends on the ski. I had an old pair a dynamic gs boards (in the bad old days of long straight skis) that were fantastic in powder BoF (actually Campbell, but whatever). On the other hand, I found the best powder position on the Stockli DP's I was on last year to be a bit behind the midsole mark.
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By the way, BoF on the Dynamics was less than 1cm foward.
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