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What makes you an EXPERT?

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This forum is filled with so many self-professed "Expert" skiers. I'm wondering, what makes you an Expert? Otherwise, generally, what makes ONE an expert skier? Is it your turn style; your confidence when skiing; the terrain you conquer; your equipment; your years on the mountain; something else?
Time to strut your stuff, and spread your plumage!
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Here we go again.
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I said it once and I'll say it again: my one-piece Bogner, my para-ball-licker skis, and the dead rodent I wear on my head make me a force to be reckoned with on the slopes.
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Whoever brags the loudest in the bar is obviously the best skier
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I'm an expert because I'm poor, sleep in my car when I go on ski trips, can't pay for lift tickets, don't wear fur, huck huge, and can rip better than any of you JONGS, even though I'm only 17 years old and have never had a lesson in my life.

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Slap some duct tape on your shell and you're instantly an expert.
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I wish I was an expert.

I'm still an aspiring level 8.

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My sick TGR baseball cap and my exposed buttcrack, duh.
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I hit the slopes.

I do blacks.
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I'm the 2nd most extreme skier in my office...... next to Leeeeerooy Jeeeennnnnkins!
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Too many TGR guys responding. I thought that here, the responses would be, let's say, different.
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My starter jacket.
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Because my husband told me so!

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Because I only broke my leg once.
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Apart from my looks, charm, intelligence and accent, I'm not sure, but perhaps it's the fact that everyone says I am, although, deep down inside I think it's because I post here, and not on pouter.

No. I know the real reason. Because I enjoy skiing. It's not about boasting, or ego boosting, for me it's about having fun. I'm an expert at having fun. And frankly, I don't care that my technique, speed, hucking distance, or whatever metric you put on it, is no where near as good as yours, I'm having fun. And if you're not having fun, then you;d better be getting paid to do it, cause then it's work.

(Or maybe it is my looks, charm and intelligence)

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I ski, therefore, I am!
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For some reason, the ski industry decided to make intermediate = beginner who can barely ski and advanced = intermediate.

I can ski almost all terrain other than the steepest narrowest chutes with confidence and decent technique. I don't do big hucks but love anything under 10 feet. I am a good bump and tree skier and suck in the park.

However, there are guys out there who can do everything I do well much better. Hence...I am advanced in my mind, an expert to the guys I ski with and intermediate to the best guys on the hill.
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I had lessons twice a week for 10 weeks from a former French ski team member that was a teammate of Jean Claude Killy. Does that make me an expert or just old?
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Experts are the guys who can do what I can't.

I can ski most things and don't see a lot of people I consider technically superior.

But, there's always somebody on the hill who can make me look lame - usually a few young guys with fat skis, great reflexes and flawless, powerful turns - and virtually any racer over the age of 12.

Until I can match those people (never), I'm advanced and they're experts.
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One of the moderators here said i was.
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I'm no expert by any standard evaluation method, but I agree with Fox!
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because i beat tomba in a world cup slalom.

(ok he crashed out, and I was only forerunning)
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I read about skiing...A LOT!!!!
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B/c I'm an instructor: expert by definition.
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The fact that I'm still alive and in one piece. The skis Ive had that looked like they belonged in a dumpster, and they probably did. The times I've frozen my ass off. The blue jeans stains I've left in the snow. The miles and miles of hardpack, ice, crud, slush, brush, slop, glop and deep deep powder I've managed to impress with every part of my anatomy. And finally the fact that I keep coming back for more and will until I am too weak to fall on my ass and tehn get bak up and keep on skiing.
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that last one was a typical epicski response . Haha jk.

I am expert cause I can ski down blacks............................ in a snowplow, and I cant believe someone just mentioned Leeeeerooy Jeeeennnnnkins! on epic.
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And thh fact that I never proclaimed myself to be a member of the infamous EPICSKI NON-EXPERT SKI CLUB.
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Originally Posted by Thatsagirl
Because my husband told me so!

Sorry! Doesn't count. He's male, and has ulterior motives.

The minds of men are simple, and predictable.
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Originally Posted by Captain_Strato
Sorry! Doesn't count. He's male, and has ulterior motives.
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Originally Posted by jstraw
Ummm...something like that.
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