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Tremblant - Is it any good ?

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Hello folks!

I'm considering going there sometime this winter but I'm worried there won't be enough to keep a confident intermediate happy for more than a couple of days - anybody know different ?

Thanks in advance.
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You might want to try a search first. Lots of good info.

Never been there but looks like best village in the East if not the continent. Mighty cold though.

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First of all welcome to epic , you'll find this forum loaded with really useful info . I'd suggest you use the SEARCH mode and do a search on tremblant . you'll find a ton of info .

I and 30 of my friends annually rent out a facility nearby and do several days there . . Altho i've not been there since 04 , you find enough variety to keep you interested .

The group i go with has advanced thru expert level skiers and range in age from late 20's thru about 70 . We have bump skiers , tree skiers and hi speed cruisers among us and the only real negative is the cold which can be really biting at times , Bring your warm gear -- i'm talking full face balaclava , helmet, good goggles etc and several differant varieties of mid- layers and socks

The village is fun , some call it Disneyworld but for a first time experience it is fine . It can be crowded on the weekend but week day is fine . The South side is ok but i prefer the Northside and the versant Soleil , some prefer an area called THe Edge and the Glades --check out their website and above all HAVE FUN !!
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Village - Nice
Bars - Sweet
Mountain - Okay
Terrain Park - Good
Weather - Cold!!!!
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I had a week there last season. I wasn't expecting too much, but was pleasantly suprised.

Did anyone mention that it can get cold?
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Well, first thanks for the replys.

I did do a search and it seems that opinions vary from 'very good' to 'very bad'. Looking at their website, the mountain (or should I say hill ?) doesn't seem very extensive and I read somewhere (in this forum) that a beginner could ski from top to bottom in 20 minutes.

I did hear somewhere that it can get cold ! Would this be true in mid-March ?

Thanks again.
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Think of it as if Disney made a ski area.
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Cold in March you ask ---------Colder than a well digger's rear end
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In Tremblant last Feb,although it got cold at night,it wasn't all that cold during the days(maybe we were lucky)in fact for three of the days,i skied in jeans!!For intermediates the skiing is perfect,plenty of variety,the village itself does feel very "manufactured" but there are a few good bars and plenty restaurants,not overly expensive either.
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Just read an article today that said the employees of Tremblant are about to go on strike. I would check before going.
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Originally Posted by Warp daddy
Cold in March you ask ---------Colder than a well digger's rear end
Colder than the dark side of Pluto.......................................
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Originally Posted by metronman
in fact for three of the days,i skied in jeans!!
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Well I decided to knock that idea on the head and stay over this side of the Atlantic. I'm going to another French-speaking region : the French Alps!

Looks like I made the right decision with the strike going on.
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