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Stair Climbing Advice

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Let's say the most convenient way for me to excercise daily is to climb 16 double flights of stairs (about 320 relatively high steps) at my office 1-2 times a day. Any tips on how to get the most out of this? go for speed, balance on the balls of my feet to stretch hamstrings, take some double to work the quads?
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d) really smooth out the downstairs 1/2-lap so that the hips are really active but the upper body is quiet?
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One of the drills my coach had the team do for dryland practice was to hop the stairs one at a time with both feet together, upper body quiet and hands out in front as if you were holding ski poles. If you wanted, you could go side to side, twist your hips and feet back and forth, or do both as you were coming down as well. The emphasis on this is form, not speed. Course, most of the rookies (including me) were hopping up and down, our full bodies going up in the air with every step, resulting in a great amount of cursing by our partially deaf coach. I'm not exactly sure what this does for you, but our captain said it was important. Go ahead and try if you want to.
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Alternate between forward and backward every so often. Alter the direction going both up and down the stairs also. So walk up the stairs backwards as much as you can, and walk down the stairs backwards. This will increase the ways in which your muscles are worked and give you more versatility. later, RicB.
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